Handicrafts from Used Goods

Handicrafts from Used Good. garbage/used goods are often interpreted as unwanted and useless residual material. This is what makes people or communities generally reluctant to take advantage of it. One example of food items, drinks or packs/packs are largely waste. It is true if used goods can not be used anymore. However, it does not […]

9 Crafts from Paper

Crafts from Paper. this time I will discuss the crafts of paper. Okay. As we all know, paper is usually only we use to read and write only. Ranging from reading books, notebooks, newspapers, notepads and others that use paper as its main part. Although in this sophisticated age, we cannot escape the name of […]

Crafts from straws

Crafts from straws. according to Wikipedia, “straws is a tube that is meant to transfer drinks from the container to the mouth of the drinker, with the application of sucking power”. It’s a bit strange if it’s officially interpreted. But at least we all know about a straw, even maybe every day we use a […]


Quranesia is a free Quran application made by Indonesian people for Indonesians. Unlike other Quran apps, this app divides the same Quran pages as the print version of Saudi Arabia. Differences with other apps Here is the difference Quranesia with other Quran application: 1. It looks more contemporary. 2. Quranesia divides the same verses with […]

Water Gimbot App

Water Gimbot App. still remember you with a water all toy? Maybe children of the 90s who know. Water Gimbot is a toy that has a mission to insert the ring in the water into 2 or 3 pillars in the center. The trick is to press the button on the left and right to […]

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