Inacraft 2017

Inacraft 2017. Date 26-30 April 2017 yesterday was a very special day for craftsmen in all over Indonesia. Inacraft 2017 held at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) became an event for craftsmen to showcase their handicraft products. Inacraft is the biggest craft exhibition in Indonesia. The event was attended by 1,392 participants from inside and […]

Elementary Kids Robot Become Champions

Elementary Kids Robot Become Champions. The Robotics team of Muhammadiyah 4 Pucang Elementary School, Surabaya was the champion of the Robocup Singapore Open 2015. The RoboCup Singapore Open 2015 is an internationally-level robotics competition held in Singapore. Elementary Kids Robot Become Champions The rescue Robot created by the ROBOFIGHTER team managed to defeat 60 teams […]

Water Hyacinth Crafts

Hyacinth Crafts is one of the handicrafts that have a high selling value can even translucent to the European market. Water hyacinth is a plant that is often considered unbeneficial. This plant grows and develops on the surface of the water while the roots are underwater. Water hyacinth is often become weed because of its […]

Miniature Craft Menara Kudus Translucent Market

Miniature Craft Menara Kudus Translucent Market Miniature Craft Menara Kudus Translucent Market Although it is made conventionally with local raw materials, but miniature craft market share can be penetrate the share of foreign market. Like the Holy Tower Crafts produced by craftsmen who are in Bacin village, Bae Kudus District. Primarily a neighboring country, although […]

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