Knitting Crafts

Knitting Crafts-according to Simple knitting (English: Knitting) is a method of making fabrics, garments or fashion supplies from knitting yarn. Different from weaving that crossed two lines of thread that are perpendicular to each other, knitting using only a piece of yarn. In the development times, knitting is not only used for the method of […]

Garbage Bank

Garbage Bank. Garbage is a problem if not well-managed. In addition to damaging the environment, garbage can also be a hive of germs and bacteria. The pungent smell to a wide range of diseases can attack us if we’re around a lot of garbage. Natural disasters such as flooding can also occur at any time […]

Crafts from Flanel

Crafts from Flanel. flannel cloth or felt is a type of cloth made of wool fiber without woven, made by heating process and evaporation so that it produces fabric with various textures and types (Wikipedia). Today, the handicrafts of flannel is one of the many most popular handicrafts among young people. Besides the basic ingredients […]

Indonesian Batik

Indonesian Batik. Batik is an illustrated cloth made specifically by writing or embed certain materials on a cloth. Then the processing is processed in a certain way that has a distinctive. Indonesian Batik, as a whole of engineering, technology, and development of related motifs and cultures has been designated as a humanitarian heritage for the […]

NIKOCI Indonesia

Nikoci Indonesia – NIKOCI is an abbreviation of Coral Art Ciliwung is a form of creativity painting on the Coral Stones Ciliwung, involving ANAK2 & adults in Saung Pustaka Air (Park read/education on the river Ciliwung) River border Ciliwung, Depok. NIKOCI Indonesia Nikoci wanted to popularize the art of painting on the rock while raising […]


Quranesia is a free Quran application made by Indonesian people for Indonesians. Unlike other Quran apps, this app divides the same Quran pages as the print version of Saudi Arabia. Differences with other apps Here is the difference Quranesia with other Quran application: 1. It looks more contemporary. 2. Quranesia divides the same verses with […]

Kokoru Paper

Kokoru Paper Kokoru Paper stands for Color Corrugated Paper, meaning wavy colored paper or color wave paper. Kokoru is the usual type of wave paper used for the middle part of the cardboard. This paper is the result of the production of PT Sinar Mas. It can be used into a paper creation with interesting […]

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