Tanggulangin Leather Craft Center

Tanggulangin Leather Craft Center. who is not familiar with Tanggulangin leather handicraft Center. Tanggulangin, Sidoarjo is one of the places for skilled leather craftsmen. So if to Sidoarjo, do not just to mud Lapindo only. You can also buy leather handicraft products at Tanggulangin Leather Center. One of the leather handicrafts that you can make […]

Types of Paper

Types of paper. Who doesn’t know the paper. Since we’re school to adulthood, we never loose with the name of the paper. Ranging from paper to notebooks, textbooks, or paper from the notes we always carry. Although the times are increasingly advanced, but paper is still needed by many people especially for handicrafts. But, it […]

9 Crafts from Paper

Crafts from Paper. this time I will discuss the crafts of paper. Okay. As we all know, paper is usually only we use to read and write only. Ranging from reading books, notebooks, newspapers, notepads and others that use paper as its main part. Although in this sophisticated age, we cannot escape the name of […]

7 Typical Handicrafts of Central Java

Typical handicrafts of Central Java-Central Java is one of the provinces that produces the best works in Indonesia. Craftsmen in this area are very skilled in making handicrafts. Since ancient times, handicrafts have become a culture that is not forgotten in central Java. Even most tourist places in Central Java are sure to have typical […]

Meaning of Handmade Crafts

Handmade Crafts-Handmade comes from the word “hand” which means hand and “made” which means making. Handmade can be interpreted by making by hand or handmade. Handmade crafts are handicrafts made by using creativity from the hands of the craftsmen. Here’s the handmade of some dictionaries: English-Indonesian Dictionary Handmade: (Nature) Artificial/hand Works Handicraft: (object) crafting/crafts/hand skills […]

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