Water Hyacinth Crafts

Hyacinth Crafts is one of the handicrafts that have a high selling value can even translucent to the European market. Water hyacinth is a plant that is often considered unbeneficial. This plant grows and develops on the surface of the water while the roots are underwater. Water hyacinth is often become weed because of its growing and developing rapidly in aquatic environments.

Hundreds of Million per Month Turnover from Water Hyacinth Crafts

Although many people call it an useless plant, unlike Rasidha or commonly called RIDHO (45), residents of the village Ngeposari, Semanu subdistrict, Gunungkidul regency. Water hyacinth plant is transformed into a variety of handicraft products that have a high selling value.

Starting from the number of water hyacinth in the surrounding environment, RIDHO create water hyacinth processed products such as baskets, dirty clothes, and so on. This business mulai he tekuni since year 2002 although there are no fans of water hyacinth crafts. Until 2007, he got a partner of several major companies in Jakarta who were interested in Ridho’s water hyacinth craft. This makes RIDHO a must to produce more Kingdom and requires additional workers. The total number of 170 employees is most likely to be a citizen of Ngeposari, Semanu.

Over time since making crafts for such large companies, Ridho handicraft products became known internationally. There are 3 countries that are subscribed to Ridho’s water hyacinth handicraft products that are American, French, and Dutch. Now the turnover gained from the sale of water Hyacith Crafts Rp120 million each month.

In addition to RIDHO, there are also other people who are also successful with handicraft efforts by water hyacinth. For more details click the following link: Craft Eceng Gondok can turn 20ribu to 20juta

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