Various Kinds of Knitting Yarn

Assorted knitting yarn
Assorted knitting yarn

Assorted knitting yarn. yarn is one of the most important components in making knitting crafts. Yarn is the basic material that will be used to form a product. The size of the yarn used adjusts to hakken (knitting needles).

Assorted knitting yarn

1. Cotton yarn

Cotton yarn is a knit yarn made of natural fibers (cotton). Cotton yarn has a distinctive characteristic of cold, lightweight and has a lot of color variations. This yarn is a common thread used by beginners who are the first to learn knitting. Cotton yarn can be used to make various kinds of embroidery, such as bags, wallets, tablecloths, and others. Average Weight 45 gr.

2. Minlon and Kinlon yarn

Minlon yarn is a similar knitting yarn with Kinlon yarn. These two threads have mild, soft and inflated properties. This yarn is suitable for use as an ingredient for making scarves, amigurami and shirts. The scarf that is produced from this yarn will feel warm if it is about the body. The average weight is 45 gr, it costs about Rp. 12,500,-

3. Nylon Yarn

Nylon yarn is not faded, not the same as polyester yarn. Nylon yarn has a hard texture as well as shiny, stronger when compared with polyester yarn. Nylon yarn has a harsh or rigid texture. Nylon yarn is suitable if used for making knitted bags, shoes, covers, bross, wallets. Nylon yarn has a weight-/+ 300 gr.

4. Polyester yarn

This knitting yarn is made of 100% polyester fiber material. Polyester yarn has strong characteristics, elastic, not easy to tangle and not easily faded. However, these threads have low absorbent power against moisture (do not absorb sweat). So this yarn is less comfortable if used for clothing materials. Polyester yarn is more suitable if used as material knitted bags, wallets, cloth, brooches. This yarn can be used for hakken knitting needles with a size of 2.0 “2.5 mm/JP 2/0” 3/0. This yarn is usually sold in weight per roll of 100 grams with a length of +/-255 meters.

5. Ryon Splash Yarn Sembur

Ryon Splash yarn Yarn Sembur has a soft, sturdy yarn texture, suitable for knitting anything. Suitable for made scarf, adult and baby clothes.

6. Wool yarn

The wool yarn shape is thicker and larger than the sewing thread. Wool yarn cannot be used for sewing because the stem is not strong. Wool yarn is only to be used for knitting into sweaters, blankets, carpets, and so forth. Wool differs from other fibers because of its chemical structure affecting its texture, elasticity, and sequence. Wool is a protein fiber, consisting of more than 20 amino acids. This amino acid forms a protein polymer. Wool also contains a small portion of fats, calcium and sodium.

7. Linen Acrylic Yarn

The yarn of acrylic linen or often called ribbon yarn has a smooth texture, hairless, flattened shape. This yarn is suitable if used for the manufacture of scarves, slipper, and knitwear. Suitable also for knitted with Salomon technique and using Loom.

8. Bulky yarn

Bulky yarn is a thick acrylic yarn with color combination/gradation, texture combination material, and thickness combination. Made of acrylic, such as cotton, soft texture and somewhat hairless. This yarn is suitable for making hats, scarves, scraf and bags.

9. Smock yarn

The veil is shiny, can be used as the edges of hijab/veil and accessories. Very qualified yarn. If you want to use tatting technique, we recommend to wear smock yarn.

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