Unique and Economical Handicraft from SLB Trenggalek Student

Unique and Economical Handicraft from SLB Trenggalek Student. the limitation is not a person’s barrier to work. Those with disabilities do not mean they can not do anything. This is evidenced by the disability in SMALB Kemala Bhayangkari District Trenggalek, Trenggalek District. They turned out to be proficient in making unique handicraft and economic value. Many of the handicrafts of SLB students in this Trenggalek, one of them is to utilize garbage that is transformed into a variety of beautiful unique goods that can produce coffers of rupiah. One of his works is decorative sandals. They decorate sponge flip-flops using patchwork fabrics, floral fabrics or other decorations. The result of the original form of flip flops became more beautiful and attractive and high economic value.

Currently the product of the work of the student SMALB Kemala Bhayangkari Trenggalek is only marketed to the parents and local people. Nevertheless, the work of this SMALB student product proved to attract the attention of consumers from various circles to buy it.

Economical Handicraft from SLB Student at Naema Disability Foundation

In Trenggalek there is also a creative industrial house named Naema Disability Foundation. The foundation is located on Jl. The village of Ngantru, district of Trenggalek. Currently there are about 51 disabled people, such as blind, deaf, tuna and tuna who are creating there. In addition to handicrafts, the Naema Disability Foundation also has other areas of business such as catering, sewing, embroidery, bridal Mahar manufacturing services, screen printing, massage, pulse counters, printing invitations, etc. More Info can be found on the website http://yayasannaeema.com/.

Unique and economical SLB Trenggalek student Handicraft

Tarya Ningsih is the person behind all of this. He is chairman of the Naema Disability Foundation. Tarya started his career as a teacher at the SLB Kemala Bhayangkara, Trenggalek. Tarya was inspired by his students, thus opening various businesses that were specialized to accommodate SLB, SMPLB and SMALB graduates who were mostly idle after graduation.

This Trenggalek SLB student handicraft proves that limitation is not a person’s barrier to work

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