Typical Handicrafts of Kalimantan

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Typical handicrafts of Kalimantan. Kalimantan is one of the largest islands in Indonesia and the third largest in the world. The island has a wealth of natural resources that are abundant. In addition, the inhabitants of Borneo are also not inferior to other islanders in the case of handicrafts. Many ethnic and unique handicrafts that characterize the handicrafts of Kalimantan. For you who are from outside Kalimantan, you can make this information and inspiration to learn more about handicrafts from every region in Indonesia.

6 Typical handicrafts of Kalimantan

Typical Kalimantan handicraft is one of the cultural heritage that deserves to be preserved. Like various forms of woven handicrafts made of bamboo that is an example for the form of local culture. For the people of Borneo, the handicrafts they make are part of their daily lives. What is an ethnic and unique Borneo handicrafts like?

1. Mandau (Mando)

Mandau is a sharp weapon like the machete of Dayak culture in Kalimantan. Mandau has the beauty of a variety of carvings carved into the blade. There are also hole holes that are closed using brass and copper. Mandau is made from the raw material of iron (Sanaman Mantikei) that is widely found in the river Matekei in the district Sanaman Mantekei, Katingan, central Kalimantan. This iron is different from other iron, because this type of steel is flexible so that it is easy to bend.

Mandau is also included in one of Indonesia’s traditional weapons. However, the mandau is no longer used as a weapon, but as a souvenir or by a typical Kalimantan. The materials used for souvenirs are not iron like the original mandau, but ordinary wood. The price of the original mandau based on an iron base between 1 million to 20 million rupiah. But if Mandau for souvenirs, the price ranges between 50 thousand to 300 thousand rupiah.

2. The founder

Solong Penias? It may sound strange to the majority of people who do not know. But different from the residents of Paser, East Kalimantan. Solong Penias is a tool like baskets used by paser people to store rice seeds. The seed will be used when the rice planting season arrives.

3. Rattan Lampit

Lampit Rattan is a traditional handicraft of South Kalimantan that is shaped by mat. As the name implies, this rattan Lampit is made by processing rattan rods into a mat that can be used. Usually, rattan diapers are handmade in resident houses. The craftsman who made him is a resident of the city itself.

This rattan lampit is different from the usual mats. Mats usually feel warm if occupied or occupied. Lampit Rattan instead offers a soothing cold flavor because of its nature that can absorb the cold. Not only rattan mats, there are many other rattan handicrafts made by the creative hands of Indonesian people. To know other crafts from rattan base, you can read the following article. Genuine rattan handicrafts in Indonesia

4. Anjat (Dayak Motif rattan bag)

Most of you must be quite unfamiliar with the word Anjat. Especially for the millenials whose gadgets are built on a daily basis. Anjat is a circular shaped bag made of rattan. Anjat is one of the typical Kalimantan handicrafts of Dayak tribe. The Anjat bag is a tube-shaped backpack. This bag is usually used to put the goods or equipment used when hunting to the forest. But as time goes by, this bag is not only suitable for hunting in forest only. This bag began to be widely produced and adapted to modern bags suitable for residents of the city. Not only the backpack model, but there is also a tote bag that is certainly fashionable for modern women.

The Anjat is made by weaving rattan until it forms a tube bag and then given a pattern or decoration. This Anjat bag does not have a cover on its top. This bag uses a rope as a binder to close the top of the bag. There is a hole hole in the top of the bag that becomes a hole for the rope that will bind its purse.

5. The Sasirangan

Remember, if you know, it’s not a sieve, hehehe. Sasirangan is one of the traditional fabrics typical of Banjar tribe from Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan which is inherited by hereditary. The Sasirangan fabric resembling batik cloth from Java has its own story. Sasirangan is a traditional cloth that is believed to be able to treat disease. Banjar people believe that Sasirangan fabric has a spiritual ability to expel evil spirits and protect people who use it from the disorder of astral creatures.

Now the Sasirangan fabric is not used as a tool for treating the disease anymore. This cloth can be used to be hand-held daily or to events such as traditional ceremonies. Even this Sasaringan cloth was once exhibited at New York Fashion Week 2018. Just like Batik cloth, Sasirangan Fabrics also have many motives. Motif motif of the most widely known by people is sarigading motif, leaf jeruju, Wave Sinapur coral, and so forth. For the price varies depending on the fabric and complexity of the motive. For men, this Sasirangan cloth is usually used for the headbands (Laung), belts, and sarongs (Tapih bumin). As for women, Sasirangan fabrics are usually used as scarves, hoods (Kekamban) and Kemben (Udat).

6. Rock Diamond

Are you named Intan, or have a friend named Intan?. Sorry it has nothing to do, hehe. If you have visited Banjar Regency, precisely Martapura City, must have been familiar with Batu Intan. Martapura is the capital of Banjar, South Kalimantan which became the largest diamond producing city in Indonesia. Since 1950 the city has continued to be visited by visitors who want to find Batu Intan typical Kalimantan. Pasar Intan Martapura is one of the places that sells a variety of products typical of Kalimantan diamond. This market is never deserted from shoppers. The usual day of the market is already been sold by about 10,000 people every day. Pasar Intan Martapura sells a variety of jewellery made from Batu Intan. The price also varies between tens to hundreds of thousands of rupiah per product.

That’s 6 typical handicrafts of Kalimantan you need to know. In fact, there are many other typical Kalimantan handicrafts.
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