Types of Paper

Types of paper types
Types of paper types

Types of paper. Who doesn’t know the paper. Since we’re school to adulthood, we never loose with the name of the paper. Ranging from paper to notebooks, textbooks, or paper from the notes we always carry. Although the times are increasingly advanced, but paper is still needed by many people especially for handicrafts. But, it turns out that the paper is not just what we use every day. Paper has many different types, both its size, shape and function. Here are the kinds of paper types:

Types of paper

There are actually a lot of kinds of paper types. This is some kind of paper according to Mariworks that you need to know as a craftsman:

1. Art Paper

The first is Art Paper or the layman called it with a slick and shiny paper. Art Paper is a paper that is often used in offset and digital printing for book covers, calendars, magazine covers. The characteristics of Art Paper are sparkling and can be added finishing using Doff, glossy, or with UV. The coated surface makes this type of paper unsuitable if used for write writing purposes. Coated makes the absorption power slower so that the pen ink will be difficult to dry.

2. Art Carton

Art Carton is a type of paper that has a slippery surface on both sides, white in color. Art Carton is usually used as material for magazines, invitations, brochures, catalogs, business cards, box packaging products, skill materials, etc. This paper has a gramasi above 200Gsm. If the gramation is under 200 Gsm it is called Art Paper. The common gramateur on the market is: Art Pap
er: 100 grams, 150 grams, 190 grams. Art
Carton: 210 grams, 230 grams, 260 grams, 310 grams, 350 grams, 400 grams.

3. Hvs

Maybe if paper this one many of us who know. We often use and know HVS paper, but you know the meaning of the true HVS Word. The HVS is an acronym for the Dutch “Houtvrij schrijfpapier” which means wood-free paper writing. This paper has a pretty rough texture and is often used for printing documents. The paper is plain white on either side. HVS paper has a variant of the gramateur from 60 grams to 100 grams

4. Ivory

If you often make and print posters, you’re bound to be familiar with ivory paper. In fact, ivory paper is almost similar to art paper and art carton. The difference is, ivory paper color is not as white as art paper/art carton. In all, ivory paper has only one slippery surface. In addition to posters, ivory paper is also widely used to print agenda books and packaging paper products.

5. The Corrugated Paper

Corrugated in English means wavy. Corrugated Paper is a cardboard paper in which the inside is wavy. This paper is usually used to make boxes that require to choose paper materials that have a thickness. If printed, in general this box is pasted again using duplex or HVS. So, if you want to print fullcolor, printing is done on another material then pasted. The thickness of the material is usually divided into 2 namely to be B flute or large wave and E flute or small wave.

If you already know the types of paper, you can learn how to process paper. Some of the above paper types can be used as the main ingredient for making unique and interesting crafts. Click on the following link to know what crafts you can make using paper basics: 9 Crafts from paper

To know the example of other handicrafts click the link: mariministe.

We believe that Indonesians have the creativity to create quality work.

Keep learning, continue to work and always synergize.

Marikarya, it’s our work

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