Tutorial for Making Various Accessories from Flannel

Tutorial making various accessories from flannel fabric

Tutorial making various accessories from flannel cloth. Who says appearing attractive should have big capital? Maybe this statement could be wrong. Because with the appearance of interesting we can loh make use of the surrounding objects that are already unused to be one of the accessories we want. For example, you can use flannel fabric for unique accessories. Can be made necklace or also brooch for your hijab. You can make any kind of accessories with the basic material of flannel.

Tutorial Making Various Accessories from flannel fabric

Here are tips on making accessories from flannel:

1. Prepare the materials needed

Before you start to make a design or a form of akksesoris, prepare the necessary ingredients. Here are the ingredients to prepare:

  • Flannel Fabric
  • Glue shoot
  • Scissors
  • Cleats Scissors
  • Pearl
  • Fabric
  • Fabric Tile
  • Pin Necklace Clasp
  • Thread

2. How to make

How to make it, cut the flannel into like the picture above. Do the same thing on flannel with different colors. Make as many as possible in order to be used for others. After the flannel is cut, glue the flannel tip to stick to each other. If it’s stuck, then roll like this.

Do the same thing with another flannel. Create a minimum of 8-10 reels to make a nice shape. If it has accumulated a lot, the rolls of flannel can be pasted one by one so it forms a triangular shape.

Forms that can be made are not just triangles. You can customize a unique shape as you like. To beautify can also add pearls in the middle of the roll of flannel cloth.

The number of pearls pasted adjusts to the look you want. If you want a more luxurious impression, make more pearls. However, if you want a classic look, put a little pearl in some of the necessary places. Lastly paste the cloth for the circle in the neck like this.

Here’s the result:

You can make the other shape jug according to your creativity.

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