Tris Flower – Recycling Handicraft Center in Surabaya

Tris Flower – Recycling Handicraft Center in Surabaya. Trash is often a problem for everyone. Every day we definitely throw garbage in both organic and inorganic waste. Garbage that we dispose of if accumulated many can bring many problems such as flooding and so on. The garbage collected in the city of Surabaya reaches up to 2000 tonnes per day. 400 tons of them are plastic waste that is difficult to break down. If these garbage are not managed properly, these garbage can turn into a disaster. But the people of Surabaya have their own way to manage the garbage.

Tris Flower turns waste into a blessing

Who think a variety of unique and interesting crafts is processed from the garbage-used garbage that every day we discard. The results of the handicrafts are the works of Lusiani Sutrisno and the villagers of Jambangan city of Surabaya. This woman who is familiar in the Tris called Bu started her business with her husband Pak Sutrisno only by trying. They gave the name of the recycling business as Tris Flower.

Many people come to see their unique works. There are also visitors who want to learn how to make recycled crafts from this garbage. The surrounding residents also followed him and together made their village a cool green recycling village and free from garbage. This makes this village known as the village of Jambangan tourism. The village also has many visits both domestically and internationally as a demonstration area, one of them in the processing of garbage.

Many awards are obtained by Tris Flower and the village of Jambangan villagers. The Department of Commerce and Industry of Surabaya also set Tris Flower as the center of the recycling craft of Surabaya. If you want to know Tris Flower further, go directly to the official website

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We believe that Indonesians have the creativity to create quality work.

Keep learning, continue to work and always synergize.

Mariberkarya, it’s our work

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