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Batik is one of Indonesian handicrafts that is proud of the Indonesian nation. Batik has been designated as an Indonesian cultural heritage and has been inaugurated by UNESCO in 2009 years ago. Many also entrepreneurs or young entrepreneurs who take up batik through their efforts. One of them is Dea Valencia. The woman who was born in Semarang, February 14th, 1994 was the owner of the very successful Batik business in Indonesia that she named Batik Kultur. She is still quite young, she already has a turnover of hundreds of millions of rupiah from his business.

Early formation of Culture Batik

Since childhood, Dea Valencia had a love of batik. His favorite of this batik is transmitted from the mother who maktu sell batik. Initially Dea only helped his mother to sell batik. Then she thought to make his own batik in a distinctive style. But she did not have the capital to buy batik cloth. So she started his business by recycling batik cloth is outdated. Because of its persistence and creativity, Dea managed to create beautiful and beautiful batik only from the used batik cloth that is obsolete.

As a child of milenials in general, DEA began to market its products through social media Facebook. At first she could only post 20 products from his production. Not only that, she also posted his own photo that wore his own batik on his personal Facebook account. She believes that people will love and use his batik if she also uses it. Conversely, if she does not want to use, how do others want to wear it. From there, the business grew to produce 600 products every month which was originally only 20 products.

Obstacles inevitably exist

The effort without fail or the obstacles are as food without seasoning. Tasted bland and bad. Dea also experienced several obstacles while developing culture batik. One of which is a patent in the name. At first she registered trademark with the name Batik Sinok. However, the name of Batik Sinok was already used and registered by others. It did not make DEA discouraged. Then she registered his business with a different name namely Batik culture.

Dea has the principle of “If you never try you’ll never learn. There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs “. It means that if you never try, you will never learn. There’s no elevator for success, you have to climb through the stairs. That’s the principle that makes it as successful today. When people race a race to find a shortcut to success, few people dare to try and take steps to go ahead.

Employees with disabilities

Every entrepreneur can not work alone. They should definitely cooperate with others, be it partners, suppliers, distributors, resellers and even employees. Uniquely in this Batik culture, DEA employs employees who have special needs or commonly called disability. She believes that those disabilities can work like normal humans in general. In fact they have an advantage that normal human does not have in common. Together with other employees, those who are in Batik Kultur already like their own family.

The success of Batik Kultur

Dea sells non-printing batik clothes, so it has uniqueness in every product. You can see the complete collection of batik culture here: Dea is a graduate of the Information Systems study Program of Multimedia Nusantara University, Serpong. Therefore she is familiar with the name of the Internet and the website. That’s what makes it more confident to start marketing through social media and websites.

Through social media and website that is the brand of Batik Kultur by Dea Valencia is growing rapidly. In addition, the unique product also became the mainstay of DEA in promoting this Batik culture brand. The characteristic of Batik Kultur design is unique and original that attracts more than 3000 customers both from Indonesia and abroad. Many Batik culture customers originating from abroad such as Ingrris, Hongkong, Netherlands, America, Germany, Singapore and several other countries. From there she can generate a turnover of hundreds of millions each month.

That was a bit of a story from Dea Valencia owner from Batik Kultur. There are still many other Indonesian handicraft entrepreneurs who are successful even to the world.

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That’s a little story from Dea success Secrets Valencia Owner Batik culture. There are many inspiring stories from craftsmen in Indone

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