The e-Smart IKM Program is now in 22 provinces

Program e-Smart IKM

The middle-crowded e-Smart IKM (Small and medium industries) Program was socialized in recent times. The IKM empowerment Program aimed at spur Indonesia IKM in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution is now present in 22 provinces.

The e-Smart IKM Program is a national IKM database system that is presented in the form of industrial profiles, centers, and products. The Data will be integrated with the existing marketplace in order to further improve the access to the IKM market through internet marketing.

Workshop Program e-Smart IKM

Dirjen IKM Kemenperin Gati Wibawaningsih said that the workshop of e-Smart IKM will continue to be held in various provinces in Indonesia. Until now, the program has been implemented in 22 provinces involving several stakeholders. They are Bank Indonesia, BNI, Google, iDeA, Ministry of Kominfo and local government.

Since its launch on January 27, 2017, the E-Smart IKM workshop has been followed by 2,900 IKM. The value of online transactions that occurred exceeds Rp 600 million. In the year 2018, targeted participants e-Smart IKM able to increase to 4,000 IKM from all over Indonesia.

Amid the rapidly growing trend of digital economy, Indonesia’s IKM is increasingly encouraged to be active in marketing its products through online trading. In this case, Kemenperin has teamed up with domestic marketplace, such as Bukalapak, Tokopedia, Shopee, BliBli,, Ralali, and Gojek Indonesia.

Cooperation with various parties

Through various cooperation that has been done, hopefully there will be synergy in development and construction of IKM that leads to one stop solution. For example collaboration with Google. Development of the IKM capability in utilizing features in the Google app for product promotion and online business development.

IKM Indonesia must be updated with technology, according to the priority Making program Indonesia 4.0. Therefore, Kemenperin seeks to educate the importance of digital technology, good financial management, as well as products that meet the standard as an implementation of the Industrial ERA 4.0.

Gati believes, the touch of technology in the facilities and infrastructures of IKM, especially in the production process will increase production capacity, streamline energy use, control product quality so that the consistency of product quality can be assured and Minimize the negative effects of a production process.

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