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Telkom Craft Indonesia

Telkom Craft Indonesia is an exhibition of the best products typical archipelago held annually. The event was first held in 2017. This exhibition is an offline event of RKB (Rumah Kreatif SOE) program held at the Jakarta Convention Center.

Telkom Craft Indonesia aims to explore the work of children of the nation. In the year of 2018 Telkom Craft Indonesia lifted the uniqueness of weaving Nusantara which is presented with various other typical products of the archipelago. The distinctive product is divided into the category of quality Fashion, Craft and Food and has a global competitiveness. Telkom Craft Indonesia 2018 will also be livened up by various interesting performances every day. Visitors will be presented with a educating and entertaining appearance such as music, art, talkshow and fashion show with a touch of ethnic designs of Indonesian characteristic.

Telkom Craft Indonesia 2018

Telkom Craft Indonesia 2018 will show off 3000 more handicraft products from around 400-an UKM. In addition to Telkom construction, there are 150 SMES in other ENTERPRISES and 50 SMES communities and associations that follow this exhibition. This exhibition is the first Indonesian product exhibition that uses digital transactions through mobile payment connected with e-commerce platform. Telkom Craft Indonesia wants to create a digital experience for the visitors, as a means to encourage digital lifestyle for the general public.


Dian Art was one of the 400 SMES who were invited to attend this event. Dian Art itself is part of RKB (Rumah Kreatif SOE). Dian Art has always participated in the exhibition of archipelago products such as Inacraft, which is held annually at JCC as well. The booth rental price is around 10 million rupiah for 5 days. Dian Art can get a sales of at least 100 million rupiah.

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Dyan Ekawati is an accessory craftsman from Sidoarjo and owner of Dian Art. Dyan always participated in exhibitions to open the promotional opportunities of the products he made. Product accessories that he made are almost exclusive and each made differently. Dyan believes that many of our wasted items can be valuable and worth selling if they are creatively managed.


In addition to accessories, visitors to Telkom Craft Indonesia is also attracted by one of the typical Indonesian handicrafts of Batik. They are very interested in batik especially Banten batik. Banten Batik raises motives about the history of artifacts documented in museums and ancestral heritage. Banten Batik Motif is usually made based on the history of Banten Palace. For example the motif of Å“Madhe Mundhu is the name of the Palace care room. Å“Memoloan is a motif inspired by the construction of the tower roof building and Pendopo of the Banten Sultanate.

Millennials delight in bold, striking batik colors, as well as market opportunities. Batik craftsman especially Banten Batik utilizing it by making batik with various colors. Besides the color of the motif is also made cool to be worn and liked by young people. The materials used also are the best materials such as cotton and silk. Banten Batik itself has gained various awards including 4 star from One Village, One Product (OVOP).

Telkom Craft Indonesia is the role of Telkom in the development of digital Society of Indonesia that brings the spirit of “Local Heroes to Global Champions”. By utilizing digital technology to raise the best work of creative Entrepreneur of the nation to the global arena. This exhibition is also implemented to support the program of SOES present to the state, especially in the empowerment of the economy of the community. The goal is to encourage government’s determination to make Indonesia the largest digital economic power in southeast Asia.

For those of you who want to know more information about Telkom Craft Indonesia can directly visit its official website at:

To know other handicraft products click the link: mariworks.

We believe that Indonesians have the creativity to create quality work.

Keep learning, continue to work and always synergize.

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