Tanggulangin Leather Craft Center

Tanggulangin Leather Craft Center
Tanggulangin Leather Craft Center

Tanggulangin Leather Craft Center. who is not familiar with Tanggulangin leather handicraft Center. Tanggulangin, Sidoarjo is one of the places for skilled leather craftsmen. So if to Sidoarjo, do not just to mud Lapindo only. You can also buy leather handicraft products at Tanggulangin Leather Center. One of the leather handicrafts that you can make souvenirs or souvenirs is leather bag. Leather bag from Tanggulangin Sidoarjo has been widely known and recognized quality by the tourists who are the products of leather. In addition to leather bags, the flagship products of Tanggulangin include leather shoes, leather sandals and others. Not only in Indonesia, the work of handicraft from Tanggulangin has even been famous to foreign countries. Leather handicrafts made by Tanggulangin craftsmen can compete with world-level products because of the quality of materials and the construction of the production process.

Tanggulangin Leather Craft Center

Besides famous for its milkfish and ear, Sidoarjo is also famous for its handicraft center bag and wallet. One of the centers of leather handicraft in Sidoarjo is located on Jl. The Kingdom of Tanggulangin. Tanggulangin has long been known as one of the largest producers of leather crafts in East Java. The quality of its products has also been recognized by the international world at a price that is much cheaper than the market price. When you enter a small industrial area in Tanggulangin, you will be greeted by many shop and showrooms on the right or left side.

This area is also a lot of shops with fashionable design that is perfect for you who like fashion. It can be seen from the many current patterns in their windows. This place can be an alternative to shopping for souvenirs or souvenirs for those who vacation in the surrounding area such as Malang, Pasuruan, or Surabaya.

At the Tanggulangin Leather Craft Center, you not only find the school bag. There are also various bags for women and men, whether it’s a sports bag, a briefcase or a hangout bag. Not only bags, various size suitcases are also available here. There are also belts, jackets and shoes that are all made from synthetic leather and genuine leather. Bags, suitcases and all the products offered in various stores here have a competitive price variant and relatively inexpensive. Prices for per product range from Rp 35,000 to tens of millions of rupiah. Although the price is cheap, does not mean the product also cheap. Tanggulangin has been famous and proved by the people of East Java with the quality and durability of its products. Entrepreneurs from outside the city such as Semarang, Yogyakarta, Bandung and Jakarta are also many who ordered bags and suitcases made by craftsmen Tanggulangin.


The leather craft in Tanggulangin has actually existed since the year 1939. At that time some craftsmen started with bag and suitcase making. New in 1979 there is a cooperative industrial bag and suitcase or known as INTAKO. The cooperative has produced as many as 250 showrooms along the Jalan Kedensari village to INTAKO showroom. The year 2000 became the peak of INTAKO success. The monetary crisis seemed to be an obstacle to them.

There are many handicraft products that are made in the production of this place. The most widely produced products are sandals, shoes, bags, wallets, suitcases, jackets and other leather-based goods. INTAKO is arguably crowded with visitors, rarely look lonely. Usually peak crowds happen during school holidays/national holidays. Visitors not only come from all over the land, but also from the country because of the quality of the products they have. The countries that become their loyal visitors/customers are Italian, American, and Saudi Arabia.

Manufacturing process

Most of the process of making leather crafts in Tanggulangin is still utilizing traditional techniques. Therefore, good or whether the product quality depends on the craftsmen. The creation also can take a very long time. For example, to make 24 pieces of leather wallets can take up to 2 weeks depending on the difficulty level. But for leather handicraft products in general in 1 month products can be produced reaching 2500 products involving about 100 craftsmen. Its products consist of 1500 bags, 600 wallets and 400 belts.

Although only utilizing traditional techniques without using the machine, the quality of the products from the Center for leather craft Tanggulangin is also not inferior to other reputable products. Some showrooms also have a fixed consumer. Not even rare of those who have customers from a number of neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, and some countries in southeast Asia. One of the most highly qualified factors is the use of quality cow and sheep. For the shape can be adjusted to consumer demand. The price is not very different from the one in the market can even be cheaper. Moreover, they will usually give a discount or discounted price if ordering in bulk. The discount also does not bear up to 50RB per product.


Also, be aware that not all leather products are made with genuine leather materials. You should first ask the seller to sell it about the authenticity of the material. Usually they will separate products made from genuine leather with products made of imitation leather.

Well that’s a little explanation about the center for leather crafts in Tanggulangin. If you want to know directly, the Syllamore is coming directly to the location.


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