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Sally Giovanny is one of the young entrepreneurs who succeed in the field of handicraft especially Batik. Sally Giovanny is one of the women from Cirebon, Central Java, which was born on September 25, 1988. If it is calculated now that its age is under 31 years old, but already has a huge success. Sally along with her husband, Ibnu Riyanto, is the owner of Trusmi Group which has business in various fields such as Batik, Fashion, Property, car Rental and culinary of Cirebon origin. In addition, Sally is also the builder of 8 Tahfidh House (Yayasan Rizki abundant blessing). Well how a Sally Giovanny can achieve her success like now?.

Sally Giovanny Small Time

Sally is not a child of a conglomerate who has a lot of money. Even arguably she was born to a middle-sized family. Not only that, his family is a broken home family. Sally’s parents divorced when Sally was only 6 years old. So he had to stay with his mother and brother alone. To meet the needs of the family, her mother Sally opened a small groceries stall. Sally’s family relied only on the stall to meet the daily needs and finance the school. While graduating from high school, he could not proceed to lecturing due to economic problems.

Sally realized that her mother’s small stall was not able to meet her family’s needs. When he was only 17 years old, he decided to marry at a young age. She wanted to happy her family and at least she didn’t want to be a burden on her family. As a parent in general, Sally’s parents are not married. In the end, her parents remarried and let her marry the prospective husband she loved.

Wedding of Sally Giovanny and Ibn Riyanto

After obtaining the blessing of his parents, Sally Giovanny and Ibn Riyanto married and formally became husband and wife. However, they did not get their success immediately. Even a lot of people are pout and look at them by the eyes after they get married. Many doubted them because they were married at a relatively young age, without any work or any effort. Sally decides to open a joint venture with her husband with her marriage gift. Because they do not want to do what effort and do not have work experience or previous business, they finally decided to sell the cloth or shroud. But the sale is still deserted because he has no experience to develop his business. After he participated in seminars and business training, he finally decided to make the Mori as a material for making batik.

The early start of the Trusmi Batik

As a general beginner, Sally and her husband did not succeed immediately. They have to accept the bitter thing when the batik they sell is not sold. Sally said it is because of her who has no direct business experience action without conducting a market survey first. That was the lesson for him in taking the next step for his efforts. Trusmi is the name of one of the areas in Cirebon that became the beginning of its business. Sally decided to use the remaining business capital of 12 million Rupiah and a cloth still left to make batik. He collaborated with small batik craftsmen in his hometown. From here the beginning of the batik business is a typical Cirebon named Batik Trusmi.

Sally and her husband marketed the products of Batik Trusmi to several markets in major cities in Java, such as Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya. They also bring Batik from craftsmen to Bali. They do that because they don’t have a shop to sell their batik. From the proceeds of the sales, they then opened the showroom in his home with a size of 4x4m by installing the banner “cheapest and most complete Batik Trusmi” in front of the house. If someone ordered a batik cloth that was not in place, he quickly went to a shop selling batik. While actively selling, Sally tries to find information about the trend of the best-selling batik motifs and most liked by people.

The success of Batik Trusmi

For Sally Giovanny, quality is number one. All batik Trusmi products are of high quality. This is what makes the name Batik Trusmi became known by many people. During the time, the success of Batik Trusmi began to be seen with the establishment of Cirebon Batik TRUSMI Wholesale Center which has an area of 1.5 hectares. Batik Trusmi has employees of more than 850 people and has collaborated with more than 500 craftsmen who help their business. Not only that, Sally Giovanny also open 9 showrooms scattered in various major cities in Indonesia such as Cirebon, Jakarta, Bandung, Medan and Surabaya. Besides selling in Indonesia, Batik Trusmi is also a success in international markets such as Europe and America. In one week Batik Trusmi can export up to 7000 pieces of silk batik cloth. The turnover that he get can reach 100 million rupiah every day.

For Sally, success wasn’t just coming. In the midst of her success, she still does not forget her duty as a social man. He founded the Yayasan Rezeki abundant blessing which has a variety of social activities such as for 1000 food every month. The Foundation provides assistance to elderly and duafa people who have severe diseases such as cancer and tumors. In addition, the foundation also empowers orphan children.

Achievement Sally Giovanny

During his life Sally Giovanny had many achievements including:

  • Founder of Yayasan Rizky abundant blessings. The Foundation assists the treatment for those less fortunate. Help for this foundation to come by itself.
  • Founder of eight Tahfidz houses that give birth to the Qur’an memorization.
  • Record holders of Muri 2013 and 2014 for the category “owner of the widest Batik shop (Batik Trusmi Wholesale Center) at the youngest age 22 years 4 months 11 days.”
  • Award Winner “Indonesian Creativity Award” for The Group “The Best Design and Quality Product of The Year”.
  • Award Winner “Cooperative and UKM Festival 2013” For participation as keynote speaker.
  • Winner of The Certificate of Achievement TOP 50 Leader of The Year 2013for The category “Top Quality Product Excellent”.
  • Charter winner of the award as “Indonesian Executive Achievement 2013” by the Forum of caring for the Nation Achievements (FPPB).

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