Recycling waste into new items

Recycle waste into new items
Recycle waste into new items

Recycling waste into new goodies. Is that possible? For the vast majority of garbage people it is worthless to be removed. They assume that garbage such as plastic waste, paper and cardboard only damage the environment if it is not disposed to the trash. But for some people there are also who see garbage as something of economical value. They sell them kilogram to the piners or to recycle bins. Yes despite the price they get very little. But at least they get results from items that are considered useless for most people. Besides, there are also those who make garbage as material to make handicrafts that have high economic value.

Recycle waste into new items results

United Ito Group

A united Ito Group is a group formed by the coastal Community Development Project-International Fund Agriculture Development (CCDP-IFAD. This group focuses on natural resources management (PSDA) in Makassar City, South Sulawesi. More precisely in Kampung Buyang village, Tamalate subdistrict. The United Ito Group was in August 2015 and consisted of 10 local residents. For members of the United Ito Group, the values of waste such as plastic waste, paper and cartons can be much more valuable. Through creative processing, they make handicrafts that have high economic value.

Suryanty, chairman of the United Ito Group says that all of its members are people who are considered to be of concern for the environment and it can be seen from their activities during this time. The handicraft group makes a variety of souvenir crafts from plastic garbage and cardboard. They do the handicrafts very thoroughly. The resulting product is very pretty and tidy, it does not look like it comes from garbage material. The product price also varies with size and complexity. From the price of 75 thousand to hundreds of thousands rupiah.

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Suryanty itself is a waste recycling craftsman since long ago. He has made this effort as a source of income. He made many crafts from the remaining unused fabrics of the effort to stitch them. In addition to fabrics, he also used plastic and cardboard containers as materials for handicrafts he made. In addition to recycling suryanty also skilled to make a variety of hand embroidery to be used as a bag and tablecloth. All that she learned since she was high school. His hobby embroidered him to keep learning at his leisure time at school or his home.

Waste recycling from plastic waste

Recycling of plastic waste is easier because it is not through complicated processes. They are also easily obtained around, such as residual bottles, glass and canned beverage bottles, plastic wrap, packaged food packs, plastic bags, and more. Making it very easy. You can participate in some training that is often held by governments or communities in your area. Not only through training, hand-crafted skills can also be gained from the Internet and Youtube, joining the recycling community on Facebook, and learning from friends who have made it first.

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This hand craft business is actually a good prospect. The buyer is always there and the price is good. Live how focused only. Moreover, everyone must have their own skills, live directed and need further mentoring.

That’s a little bit of something you can learn about recycling garbage into new goodies. Is that possible? Yo
u must have already know the answer.. 🙂

To know the example of handmade crafts click Link: mariworks.

We believe that Indonesians have the creativity to create quality work.

Keep learning, continue to work and always synergize.

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