Recycled Crafts (Sweep from Used Plastic Bottles)

Recycled Crafts (Sweep from Used Plastic Bottles) – used bottles for some people are meaningless. But do not get me wrong, bottles of used can be utilized to be items that we can use if we process them well. One thing we can make using used plastic bottles is broom. The following Tips will teach you how to make a broom recycling craft from a disused bottle.

Recycled Crafts: broom from used plastic bottles

Recycled handicraft broom from used plastic bottles

Got unused bottles of used? Rather than in the mending is made broom. If you want to create bottles of containers from the broom, the first step you have to do is to prepare the necessary materials and equipment:
-Used bottles

After all the ingredients have been collected do the following steps:

  1. Cut the bottle in half, if you want a strong sweep use 2 or more bottles of containers
  2. Cut back to resemble broom shape
  3. Combine multiple bottles to make them stronger
  4. The wooden belt and the combination of the bottles with wire or rope
  5. Sweep ready for use

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