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Rajapolah Handicraft Center. Hello guys, congratulations for the coming on Mariberkarya. At this time I will talk about Rajapolah handicraft Center. Rajapolah is the name of a district in Tasikmalaya Regency, West Java province. Rajapolah has an area of 110.685 ha consisting of 8 villages. The location is around 20 km north of Tasikmalaya city. Here Rajapolah map: https://goo.gl/maps/pivyz8isLBotKRYN9. Rajapolah is famous as a handicraft center and handicraft center of woven crafts. It is evidenced by 80% of its citizens who are craftsmen who are woven.

Rajapolah Handicraft Center Place by by

For you residents of the lake or for those of you who are or want to the lake, you should stop by at the Rajapolah Handicraft Center. In this place you can find various kinds of handicrafts woven from sandals, hats, mats, hats, bags, prayer mats, and various other woven crafts. All of these handicrafts are the works of the local Rajapolah craftsmen themselves that you might not find elsewhere.

Create your Misqueen buddy, or else G take the money more time there, don’t worry. The price offered for the various kinds of handicrafts is very affordable. Price per product starting from Rp. 2000 to Rp. 800,000 only. If you want to know what kind of crafts are unique and typical there, you just have to ask them to the seller. They will gladly explain it to you. Many also Kok tourists who come there to buy various kinds of handicrafts to be made by by.

For those of you who want to get there I suggest to come early. As usually Rajapolah Handicraft center will be crowded visitors at 12 noon until 5 pm. Usually the visitors spend about 1 hour there to hunt by by. The parking space provided is quite spacious, but you better come early so you can park in a strategic place.

About Handicraft Center in Rajapolah

Rajapolah Handicraft Center has actually existed since the 1980-year. So for the people around, the place is no stranger anymore. Rajapolah Handicraft Center is always crowded with visitors from the people of Tasikmalaya solo and tourists from outside the city and also foreign. Rajapolah Handicraft Center is also growing because of its strategic location. Many stalls are selling products of their work on the main road access to Tasikmalaya City.

Crafts that you can find at Rajapolah Handicraft Center is woven handicrafts made of mendong. For those who do not know, Mendong is a kind of plant like grass that usually grows in swamps. These plants usually grow to more than 1 metre in length. Usually, that is often used as material to make handmade handicrafts in Rajapolah. In addition they also use other materials such as bamboo, pandan and water hyacinth.

Rajapolah Handicraft Product Excellence

As I’ve discussed above that Rajapolah Handicraft Center has been known by many people both from Indonesia and abroad. The uniqueness of the resulting works is a unique attraction for tourists. In addition, handicraft products sold in Rajapolah are also known to be cheap and have very good quality. The uniqueness and advantages of products in Rajapolah Handicraft Center has also been recognized by Atalia Prataya Kamil as the chairman of the Regional National Crafts Council (DEKRANASDA) of West Java province.

He briefly said that we all know Rajapolah as a producer of the best crafts for West Java. The most widely produced crafts are woven mendong, pandan, water hyacinth, and so forth. Women who are familiar at the dial “Tea love” This also say that friends in this region shoulder shoulder in a particular group to produce the work. It has been proven that the products of Tasikmalaya’s regency are in high demand. Therefore, this can be an example for other areas. If our work is done wholeheartedly there will be many people who appreciate.

Example of craftsmen in Rajapolah

Ade Abubakar is one of the woven craftsmen who is also the chairman of the community Kampung Kreatif Sukaruas who succeed with his efforts. Ade managed to export woven crafts that he made to abroad. This craft business he tekuni for 20 years. Now he has about 30 employees who produce up to 4000 crafts per month. The turnover resulted from this effort reached Rp. 150 million per month. Despite its success, the whole craftsman still uses manual methods. This is what makes the quality of the product very good and it seems to have its own life. The raw material that he uses is a good quality raw material shipped from Kebumen, Central Java, in semi-finished form to be processed into ready-made goods.

That is a little information about the Rajapolah Handicraft Center which is one of the famous handicraft centers in Indonesa. In fact, there are many handicraft centers in Indonesia.

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That’s 6 typical Kalimantan handicrafts you need to know. In fact, there are many other typical Kalimantan handicrafts.

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