Quranesia is a free Quran application made by Indonesian people for Indonesians. Unlike other Quran apps, this app divides the same Quran pages as the print version of Saudi Arabia.

Differences with other apps

Here is the difference Quranesia with other Quran application:

1. It looks more contemporary.
2. Quranesia divides the same verses with the Quran version Madinah
3. The Quran data navigation is very easy to use
4. The daily read feature lets you never forget to read the Quran every day, even if it’s just 1 verse.
5. Khatam Quran features help you to complete the recitation of the Quran in a time span that you set yourself. The app automatically divizes the pages to read every day.
6. And much more.

Features of Quranesia

In addition to some of the above, the application of the work of the nation also has how many features include:

1. Playlists

This feature allows you to listen to the recitation of the Quran with your chosen letters and your chosen reciter.

2. Word Search

This feature lets you find the word you want to search for in translations.

3. Reciter options on Playlists

Besides choosing the letter you want to listen to, it is also possible to choose Reciter.

This app has been downloaded about 70,000 user gadgets in 72 countries by mid June yesterday. About 60 percent of its users come from Indonesia, while others come from Malaysia, India, Japan, Singapore, as well as countries in Europe and the Americas. Quranesia tried to make people diligent to read al-Qurâ €™ an every day. Candidates Triadi said that every day there are about 1,500 people active using the Quranesia and in Ramadan yesterday, the figure was increased to 6,000 users who opened this application averaged 3-5 minutes.

Download the application here: Quranesia-Al Quran Indonesia

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We believe that Indonesians have the creativity to create quality work.

Keep learning, continue to work and always synergize.

Mariberkarya, it’s our work

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