Pineapple Decorative Lamp from Spoon and Bottle

Pineapple Decorative lamp of spoon and bottle
Pineapple Decorative lamp of spoon and bottle

Pineapple Decorative Lamp from Spoon and Bottle. we can make anything from any object if we are creative. Whatever objects around us can we make materials to make handicrafts. Starting from paper, cardboard, bottles, spoon etc. Whether it is new or old/used still we can use. Do not assume that the second item has no functions and benefits. In the hands of creative people, the scarred goods can be made into a remarkable masterpiece. Creativity makes them always able to find creative ideas for the work they’re going to make.

According to Wikipedia creativity or creativity is a term triggered by Alfred North Whitehead to show a power in the universe that allows the presence of new, actual entities based on the actual entity- Other. It may be that the explanation somewhat makes your head giddy, but in essence it is the ability to create something new based on something that has existed before. Everyone has their own creativity, but there is a high creative there is a low. Creativity is what we can train in a variety of ways such as writing, drawing or crafting a hand.

Pineapple Decorative Lamp from Spoon and Bottle.

This one hand craft does not require a lot of special skills and everyone can do it. Pineapple decorative lamp is essentially a lamp that is covered by a spoon and a bottle formed resembling pineapple fruit. The light produced by the light will be about the spoon and make the light of the lamp have a beautiful color.

Materials and equipment needed:

-Bottles of containers, try the bottles still have a shape intact.

-Plastic spoon used or new. Try the yellow spoon, if it cannot be painted in yellow.

-Lights are the main light source.

-Pole for Lamp establishment

-Knife to cut.

-Glue to attach bagian2 from the lamp (try the glue strong enough).

-Screwdriver if needed.

-Paint yellow and green color if needed.

How to Build

Once all the ingredients and equipment are accumulated, now it’s time to action. The

-The first thing to do is cut a plastic bottle forming like pineapple leaf, set the shape according to your creativity. Try as smooth as possible with the upper shape of the pineapple (which is green). If you are already in shape you can paint the desired color (it is recommended to look like green pineapple).

-Next you can cut on the tip of the spoon and paint with yellow. But you can innovate with other colors if you want to:).

-Attach the spoon tip in circular sebingga forming like pineapple fruit using glue.

-Then attach the bottles that are already in the paint to the pineapple fruit that has been made from the spoon.

-Make a hole at the bottom of 1 bottle that is still intact. This bottle will be used to place the lamp.

-Attach the bottle to the light pole you have prepared with glue.

-Attach the spoon and the pineapple-shaped bottle to the bottle that has been integrated with the lamppost.

-Install the lamp then turn it on.

Finished. Good luck.

You can put these decorative lights in a room, study table or a place that you think is good. Until
here first tutorial made an ornamental lamp pineapple from the spoon and bottle. Look forward to other tutorials on the Mariworks Blog.


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We believe that Indonesians have the creativity to create quality work.

Keep learning, continue to work and always synergize.

Marikarya, it’s our work

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