Good Product Photos for Online Shop

Product photos good for Online Shop
Product photos good for Online Shop

Good product photos for Online Shop. Many say that selling products Online is easy. It doesn’t cost a long time because they don’t need to make a store, no need to recruit employees to keep the store and so on. It was indeed one of the advantages of selling products online. Selling online also needs to pay attention to some things, one of which is a good product photo. Customers can not see our products directly online. Product photos is one way to deliver to the customer about the goods that we are going to sell. The first thing a customer sees when searching for products online is a photo. As an online seller, we must pay attention to our product photos.

Good and not good product photos

Product photos are one of the determinants of customers to buy our products or not. In making good product photos, not only depends on how good the product is. Although our products are good, not necessarily customers know the product if the results of our photos are not good. Here are some things to note in making good product photos:

1. Background

The first thing to note to make a good product photo is the background. Some of the online sellers use a wide variety of backgrounds to photograph their products such as forests, landscapes or perhaps just the surrounding locations. Photo Background also affects the quality of the photo. Different backgrounds such as a scene or a certain location overview are good if used for a photo. But for photos of products we sell online, it would be better if the background we wear is a flat background with one color.

Product photos with different backgrounds

Product photos with white background

One of the purposes to use a flat background with one color is to let people focus on our products, not to the background. The color selection used for the background also determines whether the product photo is good. A nice color that can be used as a background is a color that contrasts with the main colors of our products. To look more luxurious and more elegant, the color suggested is white.

2. Blur

One of the things that could make a product photo look good is that the product looks obvious or not blurry. A blurry photo makes the details of our product invisible. If our product has certain functions or features, it will not be noticeable if our photo is blurry. Here’s an example of a blur and not blur Photo:

When we do our product shoots, don’t let the photos we take look blurry or unfocused. Usually blur photos are caused by the quality of the camera that we wear is less good but it is not entirely true. The way we take pictures also determines the results of our product photos. We can make a nice and not blur photo with any camera whether it’s a DSLR camera, a pocket camera or a HP though by studying the product photo shooting techniques.

3.Partial view

A good product photo is a photo that shows all parts of the product. Every part of the product we sell must be in one photo frame. Don’t let any part of our product be cropped or invisible in the photo. If we sell a product that is a pair or one package, then the photos we display are also all products in one package. For example if we sell a pair of batik consisting of superiors and subordinates, then the photo that we show not only the photo of batik on it but also batik tops and subordinate. Here’s a photo example:

4. Side view

Angel photos are one of the important factors that determine how we show the products in a photograph. Angel photos of a good product determine the perception of people about our products. Mistakes in capturing angel photos can result in people’s understanding of the products that we sell are also wrong. If we take an angel from the side, people can not see clearly the shape of our product because our product photos show only the side part only (side view). To produce a good product photo, we can take an angel from the front (front view) and try the whole detail of our product looks. Future-looking photos can clearly show our products, though not all products are like that. Here are examples of side-and front-view product photos:

5. Lighting

The last thing that is very important and worth noting for online sellers is lighting. Lighting doesn’t mean illuminating our products with a lot of light. The lighting in question is how much light we have to deliver to our product when we do a product photo.

Lighting is important to make a good product photo because enough customers complain to the online seller due to lighting problems. Customers are disappointed and give complaints to online sellers because the products they receive do not match the photos that are in online. Starting from colors, shapes and so on. Light intensity that is too bright makes there some parts of our product that are not visible because it is light covered. The resulting color will also be slightly lighter when compared to the original color. Similarly, if the intensity of the light in our photos is too dark there will be parts of our product that are not visible. The color will also be darker than the original color. Not only light intensity, angel Light also needs to be noticed. How much light source we use and put anywhere in the light source.

It is recommended to compare with the original product after shooting product photos to avoid any mistakes.

Well that’s a few things to note to make a good product photo. Hopefully with a good product photos can add to people’s confidence to buy our products and increase the amount of our sales in the online shop. Good luck.

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