Paper Quilling-paper rolling art

Paper Quilling-paper rolling art

Paper quilling is a craft/hand rolled paper. Some of the reels produced will be assembled in such a way that it forms a unique product. If interpreted per word ‘ paper ‘ means ‘ paper ‘ and ‘ Quilling ‘ means ‘ to roll ‘. This craft is almost the same as the origami which also uses paper to form a unique product. But Paper Quilling makes products by rolling while origami uses paper folding. In Indonesia, Paper Quilling is already quite popular, although it has not completely spread widely to various regions.

Paper Quilling-paper rolling art

Paper quilling can be used as ornaments on walls or displays in fancy frames. Not only that, the results of the roll can also be used to add a unique impression on wedding invitation cards and make Mahar from banknotes. The resulting shapes are also varied, ranging from alphabetic shapes and numbers, flower shapes, animal shapes, 3D characters, etc.

The art of rolling paper itself began to be known since the 17th century in Europe. However, the locals refer to it as paper filigree or roll work. In those days, France and Italy used paper filigree to decorate religious ornaments performed by monks. While in England, this art was known during the time of King George III. At that moment King’s daughter loved the roll work so she later became famous for her roll work. New in the middle of the 20th century, new people knew the art of rolling this paper as the paper quilling.

This craft does look ordinary, because everyone can also roll paper. But it isn’t really that simple. The basic things that craftsmen need to know are the tools, rolling techniques, and basic roll shapes. The art of rolling paper aims to make certain shapes unique. The created shape comes from a pre-made roll collection. Here are some examples of Paper Quilling handmade crafts:







Letter A



How? Good or cool? Actua
lly there are still many more cool product examples from the image above. Just like other handicrafts, art rolled up this paper requires skill, diligence, creativity and experience to make a cool result. If y
ou want to learn to make such shapes start from the basics, follow these links:

Creating a Paper Quilling


Happy Learning and working


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