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Handicraft Business Opportunities. Handicrafts are a product that is made or done using hands. Making handicrafts is not easy. It takes high creativity to make a good handmade craft. Many people try to make good crafts, but the results are not as good as they make it with the origin. While making handicrafts it takes high creativity, we still need a guide. Especially if we want to make businesses or businesses in the field of handicrafts.

Handicraft business opportunity is very big in Indonesia. Requests from both local and foreign customers are growing, but the business is still a little. This is where the handicrafts business opportunity is wide open but you can’t just take it straight away. It takes a pretty long and heavy process to start a handicraft business. Some novice craftsmen or just starting a handicraft business, I recommend to follow the training. If you have no time or funds to participate in the training, you can follow the tutorials that are widely provided on the Internet. The point is not to try to create your own crafts if you are just starting to make.

Examples of handicraft products

Crafts that can be made also vary. Ranging from small products such as key chains, miniatures, small decorations, and so on. Until crafts that we can use such as clothes, bags, hats, place tisue, and one of them. There are also handicrafts in the form of large enough such as chairs, tables, cabinets, wall hangings, even until the house can be made by craftsmen.

Why Handicrafts

As I said at the beginning that the business opportunity of handicrafts is quite large and wide open. Just a few people know it. Many of them assume that handicrafts are outdated. Now that’s the era of technology so we have to update and follow the technology, instead of dealing with things that are not up to date alias outdated. It is true that we should follow the development of the Times, but you will not be able to eliminate handicrafts with technology. As a matter of the technology, it still needs human roles. Because people have things that can not be replaced with technology that is creativity. Creativity is the main thing needed to make unique and attractive handicrafts. Technology may be able to make handicrafts, but only crafts that have been made human before. This creativity is an advantage that human beings have so that they can create new technology, new handicrafts and other unique works.

Indonesian handicrafts in the eyes of the world

Actually, Indonesian handicrafts are not inferior to product products from other countries. It’s just that many Indonesians are unaware of it. They are proud to use imported products, while foreign people instead search for handicraft products by Indonesian people. Many of Indonesian craftsmen who instead sell their work abroad. They sold it abroad not to mean they did not love the homeland. But only abroad are their works appreciated. Many craftsmen can produce hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah from the results of selling handicrafts abroad.

Government assistance

Since then, the government has always sought to assist small micro-medium enterprises (MSMES) including handicrafts to develop their businesses. Ranging from access to capital, training, exhibitions, and so on. One of the government agencies focusing on hand crafts is the National Craft Board (Dekranas). Craftsmen who have unique and high-value selling will be assisted to market also products to international, one of them through the exhibition. The handicraft exhibition held by Dekranas is Inacraft in Jakarta. This exhibition of handicrafts is internationally-scale. Usually the chosen partner Dekranas will be invited to participate in this exhibition in hopes of promoting his work to an international scale. If you want to be a part of Dekranas, you can come to the city or provincial DEKRANASDA of your business.

In addition to Dekranas, there are also government agencies that handle SMES primarily in the realm of creative industries. His name is Creative Economic Agency (BEKRAF). Bekraf is a government agency that focuses on supporting, and helps to develop creative business ventures from various sides. Starting from the side of capital, knowledge, training, marketing, etc. Currently BEKRAF handles 16 subsectors namely application and game developers, architecture, Interior design, Visual communication design, product design, Fashion, (Film, animation, and Video), photography, crafts, culinary, music, publishing, advertising, art Performances, visual arts, television and Radio. From the 16 subsectors, there are 3 subsectors that have the largest potential of business in Indonesia and become the biggest foreign exchange contributor in the creative industry category. The 3 subsectors are culinary, Fashion and handicraft.

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