NIKOCI Indonesia

Nikoci Indonesia – NIKOCI is an abbreviation of Coral Art Ciliwung is a form of creativity painting on the Coral Stones Ciliwung, involving ANAK2 & adults in Saung Pustaka Air (Park read/education on the river Ciliwung) River border Ciliwung, Depok.

NIKOCI Indonesia

Nikoci wanted to popularize the art of painting on the rock while raising environmental issues related to Ciliwung River. The Ciliwung River has a basic texture of coral rocks. But because of the pollution of waste in this river, causing the base of Ciliwung to precipitate and garbage.

Reza Syaputra was an active student at the Faculty of Communication and Visual design which became the founder of Nikoci. Together with five builders, the children can paint about 50 coral stones every month after school. Coral stones that will be painted can be recaulked in order to be smooth and slippery or left natural only. After that, the coral stone can be directly painted.

Saung Nikoci is located on Jalan Raya Citayam Gang Gandaria I RT 006/06 No. 29 Kelurahan Ratu Jaya District Cipayung, Depok. In this Saung also sold coral stone painting, with a price range of Rp20 thousand for dot painting up to Rp350 thousand for other paintings. Hopefully more successful for NIKOCI.

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We believe that Indonesians have the creativity to create quality works.
Keep learning, continue to work and always synergize.
Mariberkarya, it’s our work

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