Craft from Used Goods

The craft from used goods will discuss about whatever works or crafts we can make from used goods. As we know that secondhand goods are residual goods or items that are no longer usable. Some people call it a garbage. Eittss.. But in the hands of creative craftsmen, used goods can be transformed into a […]

Handicrafts from Used Goods

Handicrafts from Used Good. garbage/used goods are often interpreted as unwanted and useless residual material. This is what makes people or communities generally reluctant to take advantage of it. One example of food items, drinks or packs/packs are largely waste. It is true if used goods can not be used anymore. However, it does not […]

Types of Paper

Types of paper. Who doesn’t know the paper. Since we’re school to adulthood, we never loose with the name of the paper. Ranging from paper to notebooks, textbooks, or paper from the notes we always carry. Although the times are increasingly advanced, but paper is still needed by many people especially for handicrafts. But, it […]

Recycling waste into new items

Recycling waste into new goodies. Is that possible? For the vast majority of garbage people it is worthless to be removed. They assume that garbage such as plastic waste, paper and cardboard only damage the environment if it is not disposed to the trash. But for some people there are also who see garbage as […]

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