Joger in Bali, Place to Find Typical Bali Souvenirs

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Joger in Bali. The holiday has not been complete if not bought by by or souvenirs typical of the area. Similarly in Bali. Bali is one of the tourist destinations that tourists often visit during holidays. Both local and foreign tourists have made Bali as one of their tourist destinations. One of the famous souvenirs in Bali is JOGER.

Who does not know Joger?. Joger or Factory Shop the words are one of the places that should not be missed when we visit Bali. Everyone who to Bali will definitely stop by here to buy souvenirs. Joger sells various by souvenirs or Bali souvenirs. Examples of products sold are t-shirts, souvenirs, shoes, sandals etc. The uniqueness of Joger compared to other products is the words that will be in each product. This is what causes joger is often referred to as the Factory shop of words.

The origin of Joger in Bali

The name Joger is derived from the owner’s name Joseph Theodorus Wulianadi and his best friend, Gerhard Seeger. Jo of the name of JOseph and Ger from the name GERhard. Mr. Gerhard Seeger was the best friend of Joseph during school in Hotelfachschule Bad Wiessee, West Germany. Before the year 1981, Joger said there was no and used anywhere, anytime or by anyone. No other party has ever seen, heard, worn, interested, concerned with JOGER’s name
FYI: E in JOGER it reads like a word (“TASTY” or “ECONOMY”)
The name is also expected to bring a positive attitude to all. Merea will always be BAJU2RA6BER. It means to be Good, Honest, Friendly, Diligent, Responsible, Courageous, Self-Sustaining, Grateful, Helpful and Sustainable.

Shop Factory Joger Words

Factory Shop Joger words are on Jl. Raya Kuta, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. The location is very strategic and close to the tourism of Kuta Beach is about 1.3 km. You just have to travel about 30 minutes from there. The motorbike and car parking areas are spacious. But almost every day is always full because of the visitor’s life. Especially during school holidays, Eid holidays and the new year. You also are traveling in the Bedugul area, you can visit the Joger shop which is in Suppus. The address is at Jalan Mekarsari No. 16, Luwus, Baturiti Bedugul, Bali. Both stores are open every day in the same hour which is 10:00 WITA. Different only in the lid hour only. If Joger Kuta closes at 20:00 WITA or 8 pm, while Joger Luwus closes at 18:00 WITA or 6 o’clock in the afternoon.

Joger never deserted

Every day, a lot of visitors who come to shop to buy by by or souvenir Bali this typical. Starting from T-shirts, there is a lot of joger products marketed in the store. There are small souvenirs, bags, batik, t-shirts, stickers, weird clocks, sandals and shoes. Everything is best selling is being rushed by buyers who come to the store. Even if it’s a little late, buyers can run out of products. Joger products in design differ from other products by utilizing word words. Uniqueness is what makes many people interested in product Produuk from Joger.

Joger Creative Word Example

“Every day is Sunday in Bali. Especially Today.”
“A backward clock is made for people who think ahead”
“Friendship is something that must always be nurtured, but don’t use manure!”
“If you like jogging, that means you are sane, but if you don’t like joger, you are more sane”
“Toleh Center, a typical souvenir from Joger. Look around, hold free, by not still thank you!”
“If it’s not very, very forced, don’t badmouth people, especially bad people, because their sins can be doubled!”
“It is forbidden to wear t-shirts or t-shirts on official occasions, especially without pants!”
“Since you refused my love, I can’t eat when I sleep and I can’t sleep when I eat.”
“Humans are not always like this, not always like that, even ‘something’ isn’t always!”
“A good cat must be unkind and unfriendly to greedy rats!”

Other examples

“This is a joger wall, not berlin wall. Shopping is not shopping, thank you.”
“If you are not a careless person, don’t litter”
“Truth does not always have to be determined by the most votes!”
“Fake love is only worth paying cash with fake money!”
“Unity is important, but justice is more important!”
“No thieves! God is everywhere!”
“Bali has always been good, joggers are ugly recently”
“East-West East-West but Bali is the best”
“Tie people may also come in”
“Soda cannot wash away sins!”
“Do not shop too much”
“Joger is ugly, Bali is good”
“These fish are not advertisements”

Factory Location Shop Joger words

Kuta: Jl. Raya Kuta, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali.
Luwus: Jalan Mekarsari No. 16, Luwus, Baturiti Bedugul, Bali.

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