Internet Literacy Baduy Residents Now Sell Crafts Online

Sell Crafts Online is now a trend as technology evolves. The Baduy Community Consultative Containers (WAMMBY) continue to promote Baduy crafts to be known to the wider community in a variety of ways. Their handicrafts can penetrate domestic and foreign markets, including utilizing online shopping pages on the Internet.

Internet Literacy Baduy residents now Sell Crafts Online

“We work with local governments to assign Baduy crafts to various regions,” said community relations Wammby, Tono Soemarsono, in Lebak, Banten, reported between, Saturday, September 24, 2016.

According to him, Baduy handicraft products have a selling value so continue to be encouraged with the promotion to be known to the wider community. The advantages of Baduy people’s handicraft products, he said, very natural because it uses raw materials from trees and roots of plants.

Baduy people love nature so that the dominance of shades and color is black and blue. In addition, he stated that Baduy handicraft products are done without machines. Such as woven cloth, koja bags, various souvenirs, machetes, batik, scarves and lomar.

“We encourage Baduy handicraft products can penetrate the domestic and foreign markets,” he said.

According to him, currently the regional government’s attention is big enough to help the marketing of handicraft products Baduy. In addition to promoting outside the area also through digital media by Sell Crafts Online.

In fact, he expressed his work with PT Telkom to market handicraft products Baduy people through the site and that got many orders.

“We are optimistic about internet marketing online accessible to the public to buy Baduy handicraft products,” said Tono.

The indigenous leaders of Baduy deputy Jaro Tangtu seven Fathers Mursyid declared that the income of small and medium enterprises (SMES) Baduy was increased after digital marketing. Therefore, it is optimistic that marketing through Onlinewill be known to the wider community. It can penetrate domestic and foreign markets.

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“We look forward to marketing? Online it can increase the economic income craftsmen of Baduy community so that it can absorb the job,” said Mursyid


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