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Inspiration for Knitting Bag Models. In the previous article, mariberkarya once discussed about basic knitting techniques. Well this time, mariberkarya will give examples or inspiration of knitting crafts that you can make. The focus of this time that we will see is the knitting bag. For those of you who are beginner or already proficient in the field of knitting especially knitting bag, you can use the following inspiration:

Rose Knitting Bag

Adara Rose Knitting Bag

This rose knitting bag is the first Inspiration for Knitting Bag Models. Rose knitting Bag has a rose-like motif. The bag with rose motif can be used for day activities. This bag is suitable for women. Both young and grown women. Rose especially red roses are identical with love, romance, and beauty. This is very closely related to women.

The large rose knitting bag shape makes it can store a lot of stuff in it. You can store your wallet, HP, Powerbank, and cosmetic tools that never escape from women. So for you who want to make a knitting bag for women, you better make a bag with this model. One of the craftsmen who made this bag is Adara Craft. You can search Google about Adara Craft. Here’s another example of rose knitting Bag:

Adara Rose Knitting Bag
Adara Rose Knitting Bag

Little Small Slingbag Knitting bag

Little Small Slingbag Knitting bag

Well for the second bag there’s a small slingbag knitting bag. Again this bag is suitable for women especially small-body women. This bag is very simple, practical and lightweight to carry anywhere. If you want to go on a road and just want to carry a few items, the bag in very is suitable for you to wear. No need to ribet and objection to bring it. But be careful because the size is small, these bags usually often miss or forget the rest of the time we stop in a place.

To make this bag is also not very complicated. There are no overly complicated motives you should make. But if you want a bag that is different or unique, you can create small motifs on the parts of the body. If you still have not found this one sling bag knitting case, here are some examples of another slingbag knitting bag:

Small Rainbow Motif Slingbag knitted Bags
Smaller Slingbag knitting bag with Zipper
Example using small Slingbag knitting bag

DrawString Knitting Bag

DrawString Knitting Bag

Next there is a drawstring knitting bag. Although the name is a word drawstring, does not mean that this knitting bag is made by dragging Lho ya. As you guys see in the picture of this drawstring knitting bag has shaved straps. This drawstring is used to close and open the bag as a replacement for the zipper. This bag is very good to wear if you are a person who often put and take goods from the bag. If using a zipper, it will take a long time to open it, especially if the Zippernya is stuck.

To make this drawstring knitting bag you need an additional material that is shaved strap. In making it also make sure there is a hole to insert the rope. Also make sure that the top can close by pulling the rope. For the technique of manufacture you can see in the article Knitting basic techniques. Here are some inspiring models of other drawstring knitting bags that you can try:

Red DrawString knitting Bag
Purple DrawString knitting Bag
Example of using drawstring knitting bag

Instagram Knitting Bag

Instagram Knitting Bag

As the name suggests this Instagram knitting bag is a knitting bag that resembles the logo/Instagram icon. This bag is a bag that is commonly used by children sosmed that hobby play Instagram. Those who are always looking for hangout place only for Instagram photos. The nickname Instagrammable Kalo gak wrong. This Instagram knitting bag is one of the most suitable Model knitting bag models for you who want to make something unique.

The shape of this Instagram knitting bag also doesn’t have to be rectangular like a bag in general. There is also a box shape and resembles the Instagram logo that used to be. Now the Logonyya’ve changed anyway, and it’s hard to emulate, hehehe. You can give a gift for your spouse with this Instagram knitting bag. Here are some examples of inspiration for other Instagram knitting bag models:

Instagram Rectangular Knitting Bag
Instagram Box Knitting Bag
Instagram Knit Bag Other colors

Backpack Knitting Bag

Example of using backpack knitting bag

Backpack Knitting Bag This one is suitable for school children or students. If you usually go to the campus, you have a common bag that is heavy, not flexible, not cool, etc. It’s time to change your bag with a backpack knitting bag. Instead of carrying a regular backpack but its contents are just as cosmetic as cosmetics, mending disposable backpack knit bags. The advantages of this knitting bag backpack are flexible and lightweight.

The shape of the bag is the same as a backpack in general, only for the main parts are made of knitted threads. For the size, you can make it similar to a backpack in general. You can also make small sizes. Usually if for girls, prefer a small size. Here are some examples of the model of your backpack knit bags:

Color Backpack Knitting Bag
Strawberry Backpack Knitting Bag

Round knitting Bag

Round knitting Bag

Round knitting bag is our last Inspiration for Knitting Bag Models. According to its name, this round knitting bag has a round shape with various motifs in the middle. Usually the most easily given floral motif. The round bag is then connected with a rope that is used to carry its bags.

This round bag can not only be made of yarn. There is also a round bag made of rattan. You can click on the following link to find out more: Bali round rattan bags, by Bali’s Mantul specialty. The shape of this round bag is not just round. You can add a few things so it can be another form. For example the OWL shape as shown below.

Round OWL Handbag

Those are some examples of Inspiration for Knitting Bag Models bag that you can make. Everything above is just an example. It’s good for the results you get depending on your creativity, too. But don’t worry, being an expert in knitting it can’t be just a single try. The name is also crafting, so you have to diligently try, and try again. Until finally you can be an expert. Good luck and good works ^_^.

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