Indonesian Batik

Indonesian Batik
Indonesian Batik

Indonesian Batik. Batik is an illustrated cloth made specifically by writing or embed certain materials on a cloth. Then the processing is processed in a certain way that has a distinctive. Indonesian Batik, as a whole of engineering, technology, and development of related motifs and cultures has been designated as a humanitarian heritage for the oral and intangible culture (Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity) by UNESCO  Since October 2, 2009. One of the differences of Indonesian batik with batik from other countries is the technique of making using canting. In addition, the motif on Indonesian batik cloth is also very different from other countries because only Indonesian batik has its own philosophy in each motif.

Indonesian Batik Making techniques

Most of Indonesia’s Batik making techniques use the traditional way. Every motif in fabric is done manually. It can precisely produce extraordinary value of art. There are several techniques used by batik craftsmen in Indonesia. Here are the techniques and explanations:

Painting Batik Techniques

This technique is a way of making batik by painting directly on the white cloth. Before the craftsmen paint, they usually draw a pattern/motif on the fabric first. It is intended to minimize errors while painting. Motif used can be anything like scenery, abstract, puppet and others. After finishing sketching, then the next stage is painting. For skilled craftsmen, they usually paint straight without needing to sketch first. Painting this can be done by means of distraction. Craftsmen use canting media to paint. There are also craftsmen who use brushes to paint. To create coloration with special effects, gradations or unique effects, craftsmen also use cotton or cloth pieces.

Batik Cap Technique

This technique is a way of making batik by painting using certain tools. The intended tool is shaped like a stamp made of copper. On the device is already in the design of the motif in such a way. The craftsmen lived to paint or attach them to a white cloth such as pasting a stamp on paper. This process is a process of making batik faster than painting batik. However, the making of batik cap has a motif that is limited only to motifs that exist in the stamp/stamp available while the painting batik can make a more diverse motif.

Batik Printing Techniques

This technique is a way of making batik by printing a factory machine or through a manual screen printing process (such as printing shirt making process). Different from painting and stamp batik, this batik printing that has the process of staining only one side of the cloth. This causes the colors of batik printing to be relatively easier to fade compared to others. Advantages of batik Printing technique is the speed of manufacture. Craftsmen can make more batik in a relatively short time.

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