Indonesia Unique Wood Crafts Business, Izemu

Indonesia's unique wood crafts business, Izemu

Indonesia is one of the countries that has a company or business in the field of wood crafts very much. Wood is one of the handicraft materials that often used by craftsmen to produce handicrafts that have a high quality. Many kinds of handicrafts such as furniture have been reduced by craftsmen craftsman in Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the countries that is rich in natural resources, especially timber. Most of the wood in Indonesia has a very good quality. It was then utilized by craftsmen in Indonesia to make handicrafts of wood. One of the producers of teak wood in Central Java is located at several points such as Alas Roban Rembang, Grobaokan, Blora, and Pati.

Unique Wood Crafts business, Izemu

In Indonesia, many local wooden handicraft factories are closed because they can not compete with foreign products. The impact of the factory closure is that craftsmen in the area will lose their livelihood. That’s why Izemu was founded. Izemu or PT Izemu Innovative design is a wooden handicraft business founded by Ivan Yahya Adhiteja. Ivan wants local wood handicraft products can have more competitiveness with foreign products. So the welfare of local craftsmen will also be lifted. Therefore, Ivan also invites craftsmen from Java land, especially Kuningan, Solo and Jepara to cooperate with the same work in Izemu.

Izemu was founded from a small garage in Ivan’s house. Ivan is inspired by big companies like Google, Amazon, Apple and Disney who are also starting out in small places like garages. Ivan is one of the entrepreneurs who utilize technology to expand his business. It can be seen from the first time he started Izemu. If another entrepreneur would look for or make a product first, Ivan actually made an online site first. Since the beginning, Ivan plans to focus his marketing using the online realm. The thing that distinguishes Izemu products with other handicrafts is detailed manufacturing techniques and aesthetic prioritizing. Izemu has produced more than 100 products with different designs.

Production of Wood Crafts in Izemu

Izemu has a quality product because it uses materials that are of high quality. The main raw materials used by IZEMU to make handicrafts are pine and teak wood. Ivan took the materials used to make handicrafts from Perhutani Kuningan. It can order up to 8 cubic or equivalent to 1 wooden truck to be used for production materials for 1.5 years. The collected material will be transformed by Ivan and his employees into various kinds of unique handicrafts such as glass tray, container and mobile phone sanded. In addition to materials, Izemu also implements a friendly and safe finishing waterbase for the environment. In fact, they have collaborated with ITB to process waste produced by the production process into valuable recycled products.

That was a little story from Izemu, one of the wooden handicraft business in Indonesia that is successful. There are still many other Indonesian handicraft businesses that succeed even to th

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