Inacraft 2017

Inacraft 2017. Date 26-30 April 2017 yesterday was a very special day for craftsmen in all over Indonesia. Inacraft 2017 held at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) became an event for craftsmen to showcase their handicraft products. Inacraft is the biggest craft exhibition in Indonesia. The event was attended by 1,392 participants from inside and outside the country. This year, Inacraft took the theme “From Smart Village to Global Market” with the concept of “Magnificent of Jogjakarta”.


The event which contains the products of MSME works in Indonesia was officially opened by President Joko Widodo (, in Indonesian). From day one, the various handicrafts that are there will directly be the attention of the visitors who come. In addition to the craftsmen or SMES from Infonesia, craftsmen from other countries also enliven this event. This year another country enliven this exhibition by showcasing their handicraft products are Myanmar, Japan, Pakistan, Poland, and India

Winner of Inacraft Award 2017

It was the 19th year of Inacraft. Just as in previous years, besides the exhibition there is also the Inacraft Award 2017. This award is aimed at the craftsmen who are in the series of events Inacraft 2017. It aims to give appreciation to Indonesia’s flagship products and motivate other craftsmen to be better.

Here is a list of winners of the Inacraft Award 2017: Ce
ramic product Category:
1. Ceramic Table Ware from CV Tantri
2. Tea/Coffee Pot Set from PT Nuansa porcelain Indonesia
3. Tea/Coffee Set from PT Nuansa porcelain Indonesia

Textile Product Category:
1. Athacas Kanya Scraft of Ayu Tenant Gallery
2. Outer Kimono from Kana Natural Dyed Good
3. The 7 point bamboo shoots from Songket Gallery

Product Category KAYU
1. Ring Wood Medusa from Oemah Gondang Art
2. Taskuni from Navetta Design Studio
3. Candle Holder from Indonesia Furnicraft

Product Category BATU
1. Blue Aimee of Biru Jewellry
2. Sandalwood Bowl from East Studio Home
3. Lamp Base Dice from CV Yuka

Kategogi product Metal
1. Essential Oil Necklace from MANIKA
2. Bedog Cepot of T. Kardin Knives Workshop
3. Hang, Lamp Capsule Combine with Bamboo

Fiber product category Alam
1. Woven Lasem from Paisley Things
2. Lapik Mat from PT Mahakam Kreasi Lestari
3. Pandan Mats from Craft Pandan

Product category material other readers
1. Engraved Bottle w/Ceramic Bird Stopper of Paisley Things
2. Bag Maggie from Sidhu Parasastyo Spuupcycle. com
3. Enin from CV Salam Rancage.

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