Hyacinth Crafts Can Change 20 Thousand into 20 Million

Craft Eceng Gondok can turn 20ribu to 20juta
Craft Eceng Gondok can turn 20ribu to 20juta

Hyacinth Crafts. Water hyacinth (Latin: Eichhornia crassipes) is a kind of floating aquatic plant. People also often call it water hyacinth. In some areas of Indonesia, water hyacinth Hyacinth has other names such as Kelipuk (Palembang), Ringgak (Lampung), Ilung-Ilung (Dayak) and Tumpe (Manado). This collision is considered a weed that could damage the surrounding aquatic environment. Water hyacinth easily spread through aqueducts to other water bodies. Water Hyacinth has a high growing speed so that the surrounding community is irritated with him. But it is not for the Wiwit benefit and Supardi. They both managed to turn water hyacinth into a product worth selling.

Craft Eceng Gondok can turn 20ribu to 20juta

Wiwit and Supardi is one example of craftsmen from Surabaya who can utilize water hyacinth to Hyacinth Crafts that have high economic value. The couple began making handicrafts since 2007. Now they have 90 kinds of water hyacinth products, such as bags, sandals, food hoods, chairs, and so on.

Wiwit got the science to make a craft hyacinth from the training that was held the association of Wives of retired police and ABRI East Java. Handicraft training is intended for poor families so that they can add to the Penggasilan by hand crafts. But then the quota of poor family is less so that the environmental cadres including Wiwit participated in the training. Of the 30 participants, only wiwit focused to the craft of hyacinth. Persistence, persistence, and the desire of his high learning makes him always the spirit to make handicrafts until 1 year later. The first customer of Wiwit and Supardi was his own neighbor. But Wiwit gave his work freely.

Start early

Initially Wiwit and Supardi encountered obstacles in the problem of production. Their initial capital in establishing this water hyacinth crafts business is only Rp 20,000. From the initial capital they bought a bunch of hyacinth from the Kedurus reservoir behind the house. They chose the water Hyacinth crafts because the material is cheap, easy to find, and always there.

Their business development started from his participation in the cleaning competition held by the Surabaya city government. This race requires every village to have its own uniqueness and excellence. Kebraon is the village of Wiwit and Supardi which eventually lifts the water hyacinth as the superiority of their village. After that the door of their sustenance open.

After the completion of the event, Supardi was recommended to meet Retno Wilis as the chief of the Mobilizer in Surabaya. He was also invited to participate in an exhibition at Gramedia Expo. The peak was in 2016 yesterday, Supardi got a very fantastic order. One of the customer is Tri Rismaharini, the mayor of Surabaya. Risma order the Water Hyacinth Hyacinth products Supardi as many as 7,000 products for the UN Habitat event which took place on 25-27 July 2016 yesterday. Its products will be given to delegates from 193 countries as souvenirs. There are about 70 craftsmen who help to make handicrafts, ranging from the beginning to the finished.

Craft Eceng Gondok can turn 20ribu to 20juta bags

After the products are well known throughout Indonesia, the business is getting bigger. Now Supardi business and his wife made a profit of Rp. 20 million per month. He is also often invited to provide training in various places.

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We believe that Indonesians have the creativity to create quality work.

Keep learning, continue to work and always synergize.

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