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Google my business is a free, easy-to-use tool for businesses and organisations to manage their online presence on Google. If you haven’t registered with Google my business yet, please register in advance.

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Make sure you’ve received a letter from Google my business like this:

If you’ve received it then you’re ready to verify. Follow these steps for verification:

1. First Open
2. The first page of Google my business will appear.
3. Click Main Menu or 3 lines in the left corner of Ata
s4. Click Manage Lokas
i5. Click Verify now at the location you want to verifikasi
6. Enter the verification code in the Mail and click OK

So your business location has been verified by Google. Your business locations will show in search and Google Maps.

Things you can do in Google my business

After verification, don’t forget to optimize your business by adding some information related to your business. Here’s what you can do on Google my business after verifying:

Add photos

To make your business/store more trusted by others, you can add photos. How to click on the button manage Pho
tothen will appear list of your photos in Google my business. If you’re new to Google my business, there may be no photos appearing. Well on this photo page you can insert photos such as profile photo, cover photo, interior or exterior that is in your business locat
ion. This photo aims to make people more know about your business. But you don’t need to include all the photos if you don’t have a photo. The most important is your profile picture or you can enter the logo of your business/store.

Post a Post

In Google my business you can also add posts for your business by clicking Create a post. This
post will appear when someone is looking for our business/store on Google so people know the latest updates from our business/st
ore. Click the camera icon to add a photo and then select a photo from your computer and adjust the part of the image you w
ant to post. Then write the post, adjust it to the post you w
ant to create. You can choose to make the post an event or not. If your post is an event, then you can try it out, specify the event title then select the day and start date and finish the
event. You can also add buttons to make it easier for people who see your posts to go to a particular website. Then choose the title of your button and then write down the link/address of the website you want to go. When you’ve finished clicking Publish, your post will be published by Google on your business page.

View Insights

Insights is a place where you can see how your business evolves on Google. Including one of the ways customers search for your busine
ss. Then there’s a place where customers see your business on Go
ogle. This customer action is what the customers who have found your business on Google are doing. Phone calls sho
w the total number of customers who are calling directly from your business on Google. The photo di
splay is a statistic of the number of times your photos are viewed by customers. Well here there is a comparison of similar businesses. Whi
le the quantity of this photo shows the number of your photos in Google my business.

View the Review

Once you know the insights from your business, you can also see reviews from your business visitors/stores on Google. You can also respond by replying to their review by clicking Reply. Then post a reply.

Setting up Users

For those of you who want to engage your team to manage your business/shop, you can add users by clicking the User menu. Th
is is a list of users who can manage your business/store on Google my bu
siness. To add a new user, you can click the Add icon. Then fill in the new user email. Then choose the role, here there are owners, managers and communications managers. Owners mean that he or she can do anything with your business, Manager/manager has all the capabilities of the owner, except for highly sensitive skills, such as deleting a business or managing access to a busines
s. Communication managers have manager/manager capabilities, except editing business in
fo. Then click Invite

That’s less of a way to manage your business/store on Google my business. Hopefully by learning Google my business, the more you are moving forward in the digital world.

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