How to create Google my business

How to create Google my business-Blog mariworked
How to create Google my business-Blog mariworked

How to create Google my business-Google my business is a free tool from Google that businesses and organizations can use to manage their online presence on Google. Business owners can list their business locations on Google search and Maps. By verifying and editing your business information, Google can help customers find your business locations. You can also do promotions, upload photos and tell them business stories.

How to sign up for Google my business

Benefits of using Google my business

There are several advantages to using Google my business:

Create a free site in a snap

Making your site very easy with Google my business. You can even make it from your phone. Your site will automatically be created with info from your Google listing, and you can customize it with text, photos, and design themes. Just one click away then your site will be in a snap.

Deliver updated information

You can provide the latest information every day. Make sure every time someone finds your business in search and Maps always see what’s new. Make sure you’re always uploading new photos and posts, adjusting your opening and closing hours, and completing detailed information on your business.

Interact Online

You can interact with other people who visit your business. Keep good communication because of those who are important to your business. You can start a conversation with your customers by responding to messages and reviews that they post. You can also see how they think with your business with the ratings and comments they provide. Always pay attention to what their comments are about your business.

Analyze Your Business

You can learn how customers interact with your business listing. How do people find your business? Where did they come from? All data is listed in the Insights section. This will tell you how good your business or venture is.

Detailed Business Insights

You can find out what your business insights are about:-H
ow customers search for your busine
ss-where customers see your business on Goog
le-Customer action
s-Request driving instructio
ns-phone calls-sub
scribers back-bus
y time- Disp
lay and number of photos

How to enroll in Google my business

Then how to enroll our business in Google my business. Here are the steps you can follow:

1. First Open

2. The first page of Google my business will appear.

3. Click the Start Now button.

4. Login with your Google email and password.

5. After that the registration form will appear.

6. Fill in the data according to your business.

7. The first business name, adapt it to your business name.

Try to name the business not the same as the name of the existing place. Suppose the Red bridge, if we type the Red bridge on Google that appears is where the red bridge is not our business place.

8. Then fill in the full address of your business. Try the full address so Google can identify your business addresses

9. Enter cities and provinces.

10. Then the post code, this is your business zip code.

11. The main telephon of this business can be filled with your office number or CS number.

12. Then fill in the categories according to your business category. If there’s no try selecting another similar category.

13. Click Continue.

14. If your address has not been identified Google, a warning will appear.

15. Click Set Bookmark location.

16. Slide the Pin to the right location, you can zoom by clicking the plus sign below the right.

17. Click Finish to confirm.

18. Click Continue

19. If you are sending goods and services to customers please fill this section, but you can also ignore it by selecting No.

20. Check your data then tick the I’m authorized to manage this business.

21. Click Continue

22. The next step is address verification. Google will send a letter containing a verification code to your business address.

23. The letter will arrive within 1-2 weeks. If you’ve received a letter with a code, you can verify it to claim your business address and your business address will appear on Google.

Finished Deh..

That’s a tutorial how you’ll enroll your business on Google my business. The next step you can wait until you get a letter from Google. If in 1 month you have not gotten a letter from Google, you can register again by repeating it from the first step.

If you’ve received a letter from Google, you can verify your address. How to enter the code that appears in your mail to your Google my business page. For more clarity on how to verify you can read the next article:

How Google my business verifies

Good luck… !!

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