Home Craft in North Lampung District

Lampung Fair 2018 Home Crafts
Lampung Fair 2018 Home Craft

Home craft that is the result of a home industry becomes one of the economic potential in North Lampung regency. The handicrafts were exhibited at the booth DEKRANASDA in the event Lampung Fair 2018 in the North Lampung Bridge.

Home Craft in Lampung Fair 2018

Most of the examples of handicrafts are handicrafts produced by home industries. The results of home-based crafts exhibited, such as plates from bamboo, bags of tapis and knitted yarn wool and embroided tump Manuk for pillowcases. There are also tablecloths with various types of embroidery up to a chair pillow case.

Other handmade handicrafts that are typical of Lampung culture, among others, the display tower made of zinc, ashtray of beads (Monte), glass cover, up to the place of cloth-coated fabric that is added with accessories in the form of gold color tower in The top.

Heriyadi’s opinion

“Of all this, which is currently trending once, especially for mothers, it’s a bag of filters that usually wear party time. If you already use this bag, so more confident and prettier to be made, “said the officers of the cooperative, MSME, and the North Lampung industry, Heryadi on the North Lampung Bridge, Sunday (14/10/2018).

Heryadi added, the handicraft is the result of the home industry from the sub-districts in North Lampung. Visitors to Lampung Fair 2018 who want to get the handicrafts, can directly visit the North Lampung Bridge.

Of the 23 sub-districts in North Lampung, 60 percent of the home industry, with handicrafts varying from each of its observations. Therefore, the results of the handicrafts produced more and more.

Not only makes mothers more productive, the home industry is also able to transform unused goods into selling value.

For example, an ashtray craft that utilizes cans of unused beverages, and given the creative touch of yarn material.

“North Lampung District government continues to develop this home industry by providing training and assisted also for its marketing. In each of the handicrafts, it is always listed the name of the subdistrict from which the craft originated. So, these areas can also be better known by the wider community, “he added.

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Indonesia’s craft industry will continue to evolve as time goes by. The development of Indonesian handicraft industry depends on the role of us all.

We believe that Indonesians have the creativity to create quality works. Keep le
arning, keep working and always synergized.
Marikarya, it is our work

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