Handicrafts That Can be Sold at Home

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Handicrafts that can be sold at home. What guess?. Handicrafts are one of the works that require creativity and persistence for maximum results. Every work made with creativity and diligence, can be seen in detail and as if having life in his work. If you try to see the work of the craftsmen will look different between those who make it because of pressure and make it with a whole soul. This creativity and diligence is one of the key that our work has a soul. But the drawback of it all takes a lot of time.

Handicrafts That Can be Sold at Home

Because we are all experiencing a crisis that requires us to be at home, then this is our opportunity. We do have flaws, because we can’t get much out and meet many people. As if it were the end of us. But when viewed again, we have things that we did not have before that TIME. We have a lot of time #stayhome that we can use. Why don’t we use it to make a hand-crafted craft that we can sell. Here are some handicrafts you can make and sell even if you #stayhome:

1. Miniature of Soap

Who does not know soap. Everyone uses soap to bathe. Well soap in general is just a box-shaped and decorated with the brand’s writing soap. But there is still no soap that has another form of shape. Like the shapes of animals, buildings, symbols, houses and so on. Soap with unique forms can make small children interested in Loh. From the previous stubborn and do not want to shower, if looking at the soap that is similar to the character that he likes, surely he wants to bathe. This is an opportunity for those of you who want to have a business for additional income.

2. Ribbon Toys

Still works made for children. This time there is a ribbon toy. As we know if children like to play. Especially if we are in the house. Surely they will invite us to play, so we have trouble to do other activities. Well you can make a toy for your child. One of the toys that is easy to make is a ribbon toy. This ribbon toy can be created just by combining the ribbon with other objects such as books, cans, bottles and so on.

3. Knitted scarves

Knitting Crafts is indeed one of the suitable hand crafted at home. One of the knitting crafts that you can make and sell is knitted scarves. Scarves can not only be used in the winter, but it is now a fashion trend used by everyone. You can make knitted scarves by understanding techniques for knitting. You can read the following article to learn the basic basics of knitting craft more in: Basic knitting techniques.

4. Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy Candles is one of the unique handicrafts that you can make at home. If a lot of people work at home they definitely need a clean, comfortable and not smelly work feed. One solution is wax aroma therapy. Aromatherapy candles can make the room more comfortable. Can be used for work, play or sleep. Well this is an opportunity for you if you are a craftsman. Just try to make this aromatherapy candle work.

Aromatherapy candles can also be made with a variety of shapes and variations of flavors/aromas. Shapes that you can make such as flowers, food, animal shapes, logos/symbols and so on. You can also make variations of flavors/aromas such as Peppermint, Lavender, clove, sandalwood, apple, Pear and so on. As a sample product, you can create multiple variations. Then you can upload the candle in social media or marketplace like mariberkarya.com.

5. Miniature Candles

Still around candles, this time is the work of miniature candles. This miniature candle is a unique and interesting masterpiece. Because of its original similar shape. Usually miniature candles are used by shops or restaurants as their product display. Usually in front of shops or restaurants there are products like food and so on. They use candles because they are durable and can show their original form. If you want to see some examples of wax samples that have been made by the craftsmen Mariberkarya, you can click the following link: Sell the unique Candles from Indonesians | Mariberkarya

6. Paper Craft

Paper craft is a craft that use paper. The paper used can also be any paper. You can use paper that is in your home as a material to make this paper craft. Paper craft that is often referred to as the art of animating this paper is the development of origami (the art of paper folding from Japan). The difference of origami is the art of folding paper using 1 sheet of paper only. While Paper Craft is the art of assembling paper from several sheets of paper using several techniques such as cutting, folding, gluing, and forming.

This Paper craft is very easy to create. If you don’t know how to create a good paper craft, you can just googling it. Because in Google already a lot of tutorials to make paper craft. From box craft, to paper craft with a variety of shapes.

7. Paper Quilling

Still using paper, handicrafts that can be sold in the next house is Paper Quilling. Paper quilling is a craft/hand rolled paper. Some of the reels produced will be assembled in such a way that it forms a unique product. If interpreted per Paper word means paper and Quilling means rolling. This craft is almost the same as the origami which also uses paper to form a unique product. But Paper Quilling makes products by rolling while origami uses paper folding. For more details on Paper Quilling You can click the following link: Paper Quilling.

8. Wind bells

The wind bells may be a little less you encounter. But these handicrafts have the potential to be a very large business or venture. Not only in Indonesia but also get to international. Linceng Wind is a bell that will sound if there is wind passing through it. These wind bells are usually hung outside and near the window. Usually used as a sign will rain. So the house dwellers can have time to lift the clothesline first before it rains.

Most of the ingredients you need to make wind bells are wood. Actually the common form of wooden bells is like the one in the picture. But you can make it in another form. Usually craftsmen have a lot of ideas or creativity. You can create shapes like animal shapes, places and so on. You can also color your wind bells to make it appealing. If you have the art of painting talent, you can use your talents to give paintings to your wooden bells. Unique work is added to the individual if you have to sell it.

9. Jewelry/Accessories

Accessories get into the handicrafts list that can be sold at home because of its easy making. I think almost all craftsmen can make this accessories. Either by using flannel cloth, patchwork cloth or by using knitting crafts. These accessories are usually used as ornaments, hijab ornaments and so on. There are many craftsmen who make this craft of accessories as their business. So if you want to sell this craft of accessories, you need to make crafts that are unique and different from the others. Because it is very strict competition. But don’t worry, you still have the opportunity. Because many consumers also want the product/work.

10. Ornamental Mug

Mug is one of the friends who keep our mood while working. Whether it is coffee, tea or plain water. Already a lot of mug printing that can print pictures on a plain mug. But that’s just a picture, not an ornament. The image is only limited to a mug surface and a 2D shape. Well ornamental Mug Yan Gaku intention more than just ordinary Gambara. You can use your creativity to decorate a mug with a variety of unique and interesting decorations. You can make flower decoration, forming mug like fish and so on. Maybe if you’ve ever come in an ornamental bicycle, an ornamental car and so on when the 17an event must have been accustomed to this.

11. Cloth Key Chains

Key chains are common things made by craftsmen. But usually they use wood materials, plastics and so on. In our #stayhome condition, it may be very difficult if the material is wood and so on. Hence we can use a more easily found material that is cloth. This cloth can be flannel cloth, patchwork and so on. You can create a key chain shape. Come back depending on your creativity for the shape. But usually if this business is already large and accept orders will certainly differ. You’ll probably make a key chain shape according to your customer’s order.

12. Wallet

Wallets are easy to create and sell. Moreover, you do not need to use materials that are difficult and expensive to make. Wallets can be made using basic materials fabrics, knitting yarn, woven and so on. Wallets are one of the needs that can not be avoided especially for a girl. Wallets with attractive designs, shapes and colors can make others interested and want to buy them. If you can create a unique and good wallet, you can sell it online both on social media and in the marketplace.

13. Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket is a can-do at home. It seems like many are minded that baby blankets can only be made in the factory using machines. But don’t get me wrong first. You can also make baby blankets at home with existing materials. You’ll be using patchwork, fleece fabrics and yarn to make them. If you have a sewing machine at home It would be helpful at all. But for those of you who don’t have a sewing machine, you don’t have to worry. You can still make it in manual sewing. But it does require high diligence and patience in making it. But now you’re at home, so there’s no more reason for that. If you can make attractive baby blankets, you can photograph them and promote them on the Internet.

That’s some handicrafts that can be sold at home. Actually there are still many other handicrafts that you can sell even if you are at home. To know other handicraft products click the link: mariberkarya.
We believe that Indonesians have the creativity to create quality work.
Keep learning, continue to work and always synergize.
Mariberkarya, it is our work.

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