Handicrafts from Used Goods

Handicrafts of used goods-miniature from cardboard
Handicrafts from Used Goods – miniature from cardboard

Handicrafts from Used Good. garbage/used goods are often interpreted as unwanted and useless residual material. This is what makes people or communities generally reluctant to take advantage of it. One example of food items, drinks or packs/packs are largely waste. It is true if used goods can not be used anymore. However, it does not mean that all used items should be discarded immediately. Removing garbage without good management will precisely damage the environment lo. To reduce environmental burden, waste can be processed into various useful objects such as handicrafts. Not only reduce environmental pollution, handicrafts from used goods can also produce and impact to the craftsman’s economy.

Examples of Handicrafts from Used Goods

If you want to make handicrafts from used goods, you can see the following examples:

1. Used Sponge Decorations

You have a used sponge that is not used? T… Do not discard it first. Who knows you can use it to decorate your kitchen table like the picture above. Simply by cutting the sponge according to the shape you want. You can already decorate the room more beautiful. Not only letters, you can also create various shapes with the used sponge you have. Suppose the shape of butterflies, bears, planes, etc.

2. Used CDS

Good Ndak? Yes the butterflies are made of used CDS that are decorated in such a way. Maybe childhood nowadays still many do not know about CD. So temen2 the CD is short for Compact Disk is not the panties Lho ya. Usually this CD is used to play videos, songs, or to store file2 computers such as windows, Office etc. Well, for those of you who have used CD, do not buru2 discarded or be crossed and exchanged for money 1RB rupiah. You can make Handicrafts from Used Goods using this CD. One of them is by making unique shapes like butterflies on top. Not only that, you can also make other shapes like a bird or a guitar for suppose. Here’s an example:

How? Interested in making i
t? So learn.. Hehehe..

3. Miniature of cardboard

Hayo home who is KY gitu?. Who NIH does not want to make such a house. Apparently miniature house that is in the picture above it is made using the basic material used cardboard. So if you have cardboard containers or cardboard boxes of Aqu * (deliberately censored ^_^) do not discard first. You can transform unused used cardboard into a unique miniature like that home. Who knows someday you can have his house that Beneran. The process is also uncomplicated, just cutting and pasting the required parts. Not only a miniature house that can be made using used cardboard. You can also create other miniatures such as vehicles, houses, buildings, etc. Like the following example:

There are a lot of tutorials either on Google or on YouTube. Mariwork also has made a tutorial to utilize cardboard. Here’s the video link:
Tutorial on making car tank money from used recycled materials

4. Miniature of used cans

Brum Brum…. Who wants to ride the Scooter but the mini?. The Mini scooter above is one example of utilization of used cans as a material for making handicrafts. So, you should eat out of canned drinks, don’t rush. You can make use of canned drink cans for cool handicrafts. A variety of used cans can be used. Not limited to only cans of beverage scars. But be careful when making handicrafts of used cans. Otherwise you can hurt your finger or your hands.

You can also create a miniature from such a used can. You can start by collecting some of the used cans around you. Miniature of the used cans that you can make not only a mini scooter limit only. You can also create other shapes as below screenshot shown:

5. Recycled Container Recycling

You are aware that the fact that they are used is made of containers. Used wrap-packs such as a coffee wrap, or a light meal wrap can be recycled into clothing. The clothes used are also not inferior to the clothes with the fabric of the Umunya. Well, for those of you who want to create work or crafts from a container used, you can start by collecting a container of containers. Store in a warm place in warm temperatures so as not to be easily damaged (joking Lho ya). You can also create other items from the used items as the following image:

To find out the examples of hand-crafted pieces from a used wrapper, you can learn from Tris Flower. What is Tris Flower? See the following articl
e: Tris Flower-Surabaya City Recycling Handicraft Center

Well that’s some example of Handicrafts from Used Goods that you can make inspiration. Hopefully you can produce cool unique works of used goods. To
know other handicraft products click the link: mariministe.
Good work is not born of a lot of money, let alone luck. Quality works can only be made by those who are diligent, resilient, diligent and have a high creativity.

We believe that Indonesians have the creativity to create quality works. Keep le
arning, keep working and always synergized.
Marikarya, it is our work

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