Handicraft entrepreneurs who generate billions of Rupiah with Leaves recycling


Leaves become profitable. In the business world, having a capital of creativity is something invaluable. In fact it can be more valuable than just financial capital. There proved to be a lot of successful entrepreneurs who started with a very minimal capital, but with his creativity, they managed to become a successful businessman.

Creative ventures seem to be much more able to survive in the face of all kinds of problems. Dewi Tanjung Sari is one of the many successful entrepreneurs who have departed from creativity despite having little capital.

The very simple family life background does not make him discouraged to continue to reach dreams to become a successful businessman. The situation was increasingly difficult for the family of Dewi Tunjung Sari when the father died when Dewi was still a baby. The needs of the family are increasingly higher while the father is not there, be the mother goddess who works. Mrs. Dewi works as a housekeeper to meet the needs of everyday life.

Business starts from the desire to happy mothers

With the financial and economic condition of the family so miserable, Dewi always had a high desire to happy her mother someday. As a child orphan since childhood, Dewi grew up to be a strong person and not easy to give up.

He every day helps his mother to open stalls and sell small business to support his tuition. At that time, in 2003 Dewi Tanjung Sari took a Diploma at Universitas Brawijaya. Despite the fairly difficult circumstances, Dewi level struggled and tried to stay in college.

Now, when the lecture is the goddess began to have initiatives to create using dried leaves. He began taking dry leaves that fell on the campus yard for him to make craft materials. From the leaves that he had on his campus page, he then processes it to be a valuable piece of handicrafts.

It can make the karing leaves into photo frames, pencil boxes, invitations and other crafts creations. With capital of Rp. 50,000 he managed to make some creations that he then sold to his fellow associates. Even when Dewi’s products are sold out at the craft exhibition at the campus.

Business ventures started to grow

Short story, in 2005 the Goddess’s efforts grew so rapidly. It originated from a meeting with an exporter of handicrafts derived from waste. As a result, the goddess also ordered a lot of orders that made her unable to handle her own.

From here then he recruited 16 employees to help him partially off was his own neighbor. From here Dewi began to develop its business and even its products can penetrate the international market. Australia, Malaysia, Hongkong and even until Germany has also sent there. The turnover that he had achieved from the business reached tens of millions at the time.

Unfortunately, the business began to grow so rapidly, the storm of global crisis struck in the year 2009. The export company that cooperated with Dewi was also affected. The company has been bankrupt, thereby stopping their export activities. This situation had made Dewi shaky in developing souvenirnya effort. But with the remains of a strong determination, Dewi also tried to keep running her business but by rearranging and creating new strategies.

Business lifting strategies from recess

With such difficult circumstances, Dewi tried to change the business strategy to be facing a crisis. He has the view that the business that he runs still has tremendous potential to continue to be developed. Finally, he decided to make the souvenir business that he run into a franchise.

With a partnership business model like this, businesses are still capable of running and even progressively experiencing significant developments. To obtain the partnership license, the price of the partner to be paid by the prospective partners is Rp 60 million and Rp 90 million. The value of the partners secured a three-year contract and also gained new designs from the wedding.

Well, this franchise system turned out to be so interesting and make people look at the business of this souvenir. Part of his partner was once as a regular customer of the goddess himself. Currently the partner of De Tanjung, the name of the business that the goddess built herself scattered in various regions. From Malang, Bontang, Palu, Bekasi, Cirebon and even until there are also Papua.

The turnover can be obtained by Dewi also has a very extraordinary hike. In 2008 it was recorded that he won the turnover of Rp. 650 million, then the next year increased to Rp. 935 million. Even in 2010 he managed to reap the turnover of Rp. 1.1 billion capable of bringing a net profit of Rp. 273 million Rupiah.

That is a little information about the Rajapolah Handicraft Center which is one of the famous handicraft centers in Indonesa. In fact, there are many handicraft centers in Indonesia.

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That is the handicraft entrepreneurs who produce billions of Rupiah with recycled leaves that you need to know. Actually there are still many other craftsmen who are successful and make money just by recycling the used goods.

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