Gus Ipul Batik Crafts Center

Gus Ipul Batik Crafts Center
Gus Ipul Batik Crafts Center

Saifullah Yusuf or who is familiarly called Gus Ipul visited the center of writing batik in Sumenep last Monday. Batik Handicraft Center. This visit is one of the preparations ahead of the Pilgub which is planned to be held on 27 June 2018 upcoming. During his visit, Gus Ipul met and talked to the women who were mostly female. They are batik craftsmen in the center of handicraft Batik Tulis Jasmine Village Pakandangan West, Bluto subdistrict, Sumenep regency. Batik is a unique Indonesian handicraft that is famous all over the world. Indonesia is expected to preserve and advance batik that characterizes this nation.

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Gus Ipul Batik Crafts Center

At this Batik Handicraft Center write Melati Gus Ipul try to batik with his own hands. Before trying, he noticed the craftsmen there in making batik. After enough understanding, Gus Ipul just tried it himself. He started to simulate one of the batik craftsmen how to use canting. Then put the night into the Mori cloth by following the pattern of batik motif. The pattern made is a floral pattern complete with the petals of the holster. This motif is a motif that is often used by beginner batik who just started to learn batik.

Batik is not an easy job. At least that’s what Gus Ipul said after trying to do the self-batik. He claimed difficulties despite finally successfully completing his batik. Batik craftsmen need special skills, diligence, and crafts. Gus Ipul appreciates all craftsmen in Melati Batik Handicraft Center that can be made by professional. They are very skilled and very fast in batik. Maybe it’s because they are accustomed to dealing with night, canting and batik cloth.

Support SMSE

Gus Ipul will support the craftsmen and want to develop these SMES by holding a Superstar Program. Superstar is an abbreviation of SME Center and empowerment of Startup. The government will accompany SMES especially with respect to women’s empowerment. Empowerment is not only limited to training, but there will also be administration of working capital. It is hoped that this program can help SMES and startups to expand their business into the global realm. The development of SMES and startups will also have an impact on the development of Indonesia’s own community.

Gus Ipul asserted that batik is one of the promising aspects in East Java province. This creative industry is one of the economic drivers in various regions in East Java. In addition to the increasing number of creative industries will also help to open many jobs for the community. It is important to reduce the unemployment rate in each region.

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We believe that Indonesians have the creativity to create quality work.

Keep learning, continue to work and always synergize.

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