Good news !!! Creative industries in Central Java will be supported by the DPR

Glad Tidings!!! The creative industry in Central Java will be supported by DPR-Mariworking Blog

Creative industries-Central Java is one of the provinces on the island of Java that has many creative industries in it. The culprit is not only dominated by the people as a hobby and personal pleasure, but now can be a job that can bring income. They began to study, work and synergize each other to solve the problems they encountered. The most common creative industries in Central Java are handicrafts.


DPR support on the creative industry in Central Java

“Some areas in central Java such as Pekalongan, Banyumas, Sukoharjo have a lot of creative industry potential especially handicrafts. We of the House of Representatives want, the creative economy is more enforced, and reputable because the goods result of the nation’s children have a high selling value, “said Jamal Mirdad as a member of commission X DPR RI on Tuesday 13 March 2018. Now the Government is seriously developing the potential of creative industries to develop community economy, especially in central Java. According to many areas in Central Java that has the potential to become a creative industry especially handicrafts.

Some handicrafts are made directly by the residents of Central Java including batik, puppet, leather, weaving, chisel, furniture, ceramics, etc. Every craft is exhibited in several tourist attractions in Central Java as well as a tourist attraction. Both local and foreign visitors can not only see the results of the typical kearjinan of Central Java, but they can also see the process of making handicrafts.


To be more clear about handicrafts in Central Java, you can click the link below:

7 Handicrafts typical of Central Java


Government efforts to support the creative industries in Central Java

Jamal also mentions that Central Java is an advanced province. This is evidenced by the growing economic level from year to year. Last year the economic growth rate in Central Java reached 5.7%. This is what makes the government confident that the Central Java will develop again in the future. It is undeniable that this can be accomplished by the assistance of various parties, one of which is government. Therefore the Government will continue to strive to develop the creative industry in Central Java. A only. 2-3 years ago a lot of young people are trying to make creative industries with a variety of shapes and types including movies, music, dance, culinary, fashion, handicrafts, photography, games, architecture, interior design, and video. In the beginning, these young children only made activities.

Government to support the creative industries in Central Java

One of the government’s efforts was the holding of the Sharia Banking for Creative Business Matching event held on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 yesterday at the Hotel Grand Wahid, Salatiga. The event was held by the Creative Economic Agency (BEKRAF) aims to bring together creative economic actors (EKRAF) and sharia banking. This is the effort of BEKRAF to facilitate creative industry players to access financing offered by sharia banking to grow their business. Not only is it reunite, but they will also be explained about the requirements to access it.


For more information about Sharia Banking for Creative Business Matching, you can click the link below:

Sharia Banking for Creative Business Matching (BEKRAF)


Efforts to grow the creative industry in Central Java is also done in other creative sectors such as fashion design. According to Mukti Sarjono as the head of industry, machinery, and textile Dispersindag Jateng, currently Dispersindag is collecting a number of beginner designers in every area in Central Java.


To know the example of other handicrafts click the link: mariministe.


We believe that Indonesians have the creativity to create quality work.

Keep learning, continue to work and always synergize.

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