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Rattan Handicrafts in Indonesia. Rattan is a native plant from Indonesia that many find around us. Indonesia can produce a lot of rattan in the island of Borneo, Sumatera, Sulawesi and Papua. Rattan is a plant that has many benefits that can be used for various needs. One of the things we can make using the basic ingredients of rattan is handicrafts. Many craftsmen in various regions in Indonesia who use rattan for the main material of their handicrafts. The results of rattan handicrafts are also not only sold in Indonesia, but also to foreign countries.

Rattan Handicraft Products

Rattan is widely used as the main ingredient for making handicrafts because of its supple shape. In addition, Rattan is also a material that is easily transformed into various forms of unique handicraft products. In addition to the shape, rattan is also widely used as handicrafts because it is cheap and easy to get. When compared with wood, the harvest period of rattan is faster. This makes rattan stock can be more when compared to wood in general.


One of the most widely made rattan handicrafts is the seat. There are many rattan craftsmen who make seats and are marketed in both local and international markets. Once you may have come across a chair made of woven rattan in your house. Now the odds are no one sells the seat of wicker rattan anymore. Eitss.. But do not get me wrong, handicrafts woven rattan especially the chair still there Lho. Even rattan handicrafts have a big influence on the value of export furniture Indonesia. Rattan handicraft once accounted for almost 30% of the national export value Lho.


Other products that can be made with rattan base is a table. The table made using rattan base material is used for the first time. The same as table chairs from rattan is also in demand not only in local market, but also international market. This table of Rattan also has the same strength as the wooden table. Strong woven makes a table of rattan can support human weight.


Who says the pillow can only be made from cloth only. Have you ever used a pillow from rattan?. Usually rattan material used as pillow for health purpose. This rattan pillow will feel cool if used. It is rare to make the air cavity that makes the pillow feel cold. This rattan pillow is also good if used for a long time.


Not only wood can be used to make placket. The glass tray and food can also be made using rattan as the main ingredient. Although its strength is not the same as wood, but rattan tray can still retain its shape. Rattan has mild but strong properties. Although the rattan material itself is mild but able to withstand heavy objects though. It is the advantage of rattan compared with other materials.

Bags and wallets

For women who want to look different can choose the bag and purse rattan as an alternative to your fashion style. One of the bags of rattan that had been viral once was a round rattan bag. One of the famous round rattan handbag that is popular both inside and outside the country is Bali. To know the information about the round rattan bag from Bali that you can make by also, you can read the following article. : Bali rattan bags, by the typical Bali


Basket is one of the most commonly used rattan handicrafts. The strength of rattan to accommodate heavy loads makes rattan as one of the suitable ingredients used as a basket. In addition to strength, Rattan also does not have excessive weight so it will not increase the weight of the goods carried.


Mats of rattan or commonly called mats is one of the unique rattan handicrafts. In general, mats or carpets are identical to warmth. However, the mats of rattan or mats instead offer a cold surface. This is due to the material that can absorb cold air. So rattan mats are suitable for use in places or countries that have a tropical climate like in Indonesia. This mat is commonly used for dining table mat, floor mat, living room mat, or carpet replacement mat for those with dust allergies.


There may not believe that there are shoes made of rattan. Cute shoes made of rattan can be used as one of your alternatives for your fashion style. Rattan has strong enough strength to be used as shoe material.

That’s some genuine Indonesian rattan handicrafts that you can make. There are still many more original rattan handicrafts in Indonesia.
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