Former stewardess who became a bag entrepreneur

Former stewardess who became a bag entrepreneur. Everyone has the right to choose his profession because of someone’s profession. One of the professions that is enthused by the people is stewardess. Not a few women who want to be stewardess. Many take schools up to foreign countries to get the profession. Unlike some other women, Ervina M. Ahmad who a fromer stewardess now switches the profession into a bag entrepreneur.

Former stewardess who became a bag entrepreneur

Ervina with Yusnita M. Ahmad founded Warnatasku in 2011. Warnatasku is a premium leather handbag brand that makes up for modern ethnic motifs. His bags were exported to Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hongkong and Papua New Guinea. Ervina and Yusnita were former stewardess of Saudi Arabia Airlines who turned into a bag entrepreneur. Ervina worked as a stewardess from 2000 to 2009. Meanwhile, Yusnita worked in the Masakapai between the years 2000-2007.

Ervina says that the initial capital they spent on Warnatasku was around Rp 60 million. The capital was used to rent a location, paid the wages of three tailor employees, and purchased three units of seamstress machines. Like the works of other handbags, Warnatasku also produces their bags in detail from the design process to the bag that can be used. In one month, a total of 1000 bags are manufactured in the convection company as per booking. Ervina expanded its marketing network by developing a reseller network spread across ACEH to Papua. The reseller profit margin, according to Ervina, can reach three times the price given by Warnatasku. It adds to the encouragement of the resellers to more aggressively market Warnatasku.

Former stewardess who are so entrepreneurs handbags

Warnatasku first time in 2016 yesterday introduced himself to the people of Indonesia through his participation as a brand sponsor in Indonesia Fashion Week 2016. This experience provides significant added value for moving forward to the market International fashion. Ervina believes that local Indonesian products can compete with imported products. Excellence in terms of design, material selection and quality of craftsmen who have durable properties.

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