Elementary Kids Robot Become Champions

Elementary Kids Robot Become Champions. The Robotics team of Muhammadiyah 4 Pucang Elementary School, Surabaya was the champion of the Robocup Singapore Open 2015. The RoboCup Singapore Open 2015 is an internationally-level robotics competition held in Singapore.

Elementary Kids Robot Become Champions

The rescue Robot created by the ROBOFIGHTER team managed to defeat 60 teams from different countries who also participated in the competition. The Robot works of children are also able to carry out various orders and tasks given by the contest organizers. The commands given such as walking are difficult with the line tracer or the set line, as well as detecting objects and reseating in a predefined place.


The assembled Robot within the three-week period is equipped with seven sensors, among them the line sensor and ultrasonic sensors. Despite difficulties when lifting and put objects into the designated place, the ROBOFIGHTER team managed to pass through the task and win the competition.

In addition to the ROBOFIGHTER team, SD Muhammadiyah 4 Pucang also sent another team called ROBORUSH which also won the 2nd place in the same event. Many young
Indonesian generations have been to scent the good names of their people in the international sphere
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