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Dhowo Art is one of the handicraft business that focused on decorative lamp for decoration from Indonesia. This Business was successful even for the European market. If you are from Java area that day always use Javanese language tau meaning Dhowo. No wonder because the inventor or owner of this Art Dhowo is Javanese. Yully Widianto is a light craftsman from Yogyakarta who was the mastermind behind the success of Dhowo Art. With only 6 million rupiah, Yulli successfully marketed his work to Europe and received a turnover of more than 100 million rupiah per month. A successful business is nothing that simply grabs its success without any obstacles. It’s like this Yully-crafted lamp craft business. There are a lot of barriers and obstacles that have been passed by Yully to date.

Origin of Dhowo Art

Yully Widianto is one of those who love art. He was also born to an art lover family. Since his childhood interest in art has been seen. When he was a school, Yully often went to a bookstore and searched and saw a book about art and design Interios. He also likes to see pictures on the Internet about home interior art. His hobby of art and design made him always thirsty for art. Because of his favorite in art and design Yully decided to become a student of design at the Modern School of Design (MSD) in Yogyakarta. Yully is actually the same as other students in general who take lectures to find science in order to be able to get a job in a good place.

In the middle of her lecture, she had to experience a bitter period. He decided to quit college at MSD due to cost constraints. Finally to survive, he started trying to make his own business. Armed with the science and design experience during her first student, Yully made an interior design effort named Dhowo Art. When the lecture Yully had a small gallery near his house. He had sold his paintings and jackets in Malioboro, Yogyakarta from 1996 to 1997. So if you have been to Malioboro in that year, must have met or even bought the results of his work Yully. Because of her very many interests, Yully thinks to follow art exhibitions in several places. That is what inspired him to make a business in the field of interior.

Trip Dhowo Art

Thanks to his hard work and persistence Yully can get a capital loan from BUMN. With a capital of 6 million rupiah which is the result of BUMN loans and the proceeds of sales painting ID started his business. Yully began producing several interior products such as lamps, tables, chairs, mirrors, and so on. The product that became the flagship is the decorative lamps that he called Lampshades and Lampstand. Products Yully has a unique and quality that is more thanks to his skills and creative ideas. At the beginning of the manufacture of its interior product products, yully buy raw materials such as beach sand, stone powder, iron sand, bamboo, rattan, teak wood, shells scallop and so on. He used the money that his capital was to buy the raw material. He also bought the use of cinnamon, palm seeds and so on for accessories or decorations to make the product look beautiful.

After successfully making some products, he then immediately sold it. One of the sales strategies he wears is trying to collaborate with galleries. Although at first he was convinced of his products, Yully eventually rejected also by several galleries in Jakarta. There are also several gallery that have been to make the payment, so many payments are delayed. But it didn’t make him give up. He is still passionate about marketing his products in other ways. One of the ways he does is to participate in exhibitions both inside and outside the country. Of the few exhibitions he followed, Yully started to get some clients who began ordering products from him.

The success of Dhowo Art

Yully has a unique product and is different from others thanks to his creativity and passion for art. One example is that the decorative lamps have different shapes, sizes and colors of the lamps in general. Therefore many of the buyers such as cafes, restaurants, hotels and are as happy and satisfied with its products. The average order lamp from the corporate buyer reaches 300-500 units per month. Apart from several corporations in Indonesia, Dhowo Art products also get many orders from abroad such as some countries in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. To fulfill orders coming from abroad, Yully collaborated with several other SMES. The selling price of Dhowo ART products to customers ranged from Rp 150,000 to Rp 1.5 million per unit. The price that he wears depends on the raw material and the size and difficulty of making the product.

To work on orders both from inside and outside the country, he made a production house in Nitikan, Umbulharjo, Yogyakarta. In addition Yully also opened a showroom in Jl Gejayan, Yogyakarta to introduce the works that he had made to the community both local and migrants. 2 The place has its own warehouse to store the entire product of his work. Assisted by 8 employees, Yully can produce 300 to 500 product units depending on the order that comes. If there is no order, usually Yully create two lamps with the same model for the stock that will be displayed in his showroom. The results of sales in showrooms and orders from corporations both inside and outside the country, Dhowo Art can achieve a turnover of more than 100 million rupiah per month.

Inspiration for You

That’s a bit of an Inpsiratif story from Yully Widianto owner of Dhowo Art. Yully proves everyone has the right to success no matter how heavy any obstacles are faced. His beliefs, hobbies and passion for art are the spirit of never giving up and making him a success. There are many more successful Indonesian craftsmen that you can make inspiration. All of this is not just a story made, but it is a real story or story from the craftsman himself. Only media media in Indonesia did not cover and publish. For those of you who do love art or have a hobby of handicrafts, continue because someday you can be one of the craftsmen success like them.

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