Creating a Paper Quilling

Creating a Paper Quilling
Creating a Paper Quilling

Making Paper Quilling is not easy. All paper craftsmen are definitely familiar with the name Paper Quilling. The unique shapes of Paper Quilling cannot be created just by rolling the paper. It takes knowledge of paper quilling, skill and persistence in its work. Well, for those of you who want to learn how to create Paper Quilling, you can start here. But for those of you who are still confused about what is paper quilling, you can click the following ‘ Paper Quilling ‘ art rolling paper ‘.

Creating a Paper Quilling

The results we can make with paper quilling are very much and varied. There are beautiful shapes like birds, landscapes, big trees, etc. There are also the only 1 stalk flower, leaves, small heart shape. Each shape has varying levels of difficulty. The manufacturing technique can also be different for each shape. On this occasion, I’m going to share the basics of creating a Paper Quilling. At least with this tutorial you can develop Paper Quilling with a unique shape and draw your own version. Curious how to make unique forms with only sheets of paper? Let’s follow the steps below.

Tools and basic Materials

The first time you need to prepare is tools and materials. These tools and materials will be what you’ll need to create Paper Quilling. For beginners, basic equipments that need to be prepared are only four namely special paper (Quilling Paper), Quilling needle (Quilling Pen), Quilling Board (Quilling Board) and paper glue.

1. Quilling Paper

The special paper or so-called Quilling Paper is small and elongated with varying colors. The width varies from 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, to 1 cm. The length of paper is usually the size of A4 paper. Almost identical to the A4 paper that has been cut into small pieces. The price is also relatively expensive, ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of rupiah depending on its thickness. But if you want to save, you can buy paper yourself. The color paper HVS A4 or SPECTRA can be a good choice for you who want to save money. But you need to take the time to cut them into small pieces according to your needs. Papers used for paper quilling are actually similar to Papercraft, only paper quilling paper is long and not wide.

2. Quilling Pen

Quilling needle or Quilling Pen is the most important tool in making paper quilling. Actually you can create paper quilling without using this tool. But if you’re still a beginner or you want to create complex shapes, you need this tool to help make things easier for you. This little tool is what makes you can Menggulung-gulung small paper easily. The quilling Pen is a needle that has a small gap at the end. That little gap is used to wean the quilling paper to be rolled. The shape and size of quilling needles vary, staying fit to your needs only. The price is also affordable, ranging from tens of thousands of dollars only.

3. Quilling Board

The quilling board or Quilling Board is a board-shaped tool that has holes in different diameters. The quilling Board is used for the shape of the circles that you make congruent or circle-shaped perfectly when you create the paper quilling. The use of this tool is somewhat complicated. If you’re still a beginner and want to quickly create paper quilling, I’d recommend using a ruler only. But if you want to learn more in the paper quilling, you can use this Quilling Board. The price of the Quilling Board is about 50 thousands per PCs.

4. Paper Glue

As you know in making this paper quilling you also need paper glue. This paper glue serves to paste the reels and attach the reels to each other. You are free to use any brand paper glue. However, to make it easier for you to create paper quilling you can choose paper glue with pointed tip. This is because the ingredients you use are small, so the big glue tip will make it difficult. You also have to choose a paper glue that is transparent when dry. This affects the fragility of paper quilling results you make.

That’s the 4 basic tools and materials you need to make paper quilling. But if you still lack it, you can provide additional tools. Additional tools you can use are paper shredders, quilling comb, and fringing scissors (cutting-edge scissors 4-5).

The tools actually only work to help you make rolling and forming paper into unique shapes. In addition to tools and materials, you also need to know about the techniques in making Paper Quilling. Here are the basic techniques you need to take note of.

Basic techniques for making Paper Quilling

There are two basic techniques in rolling paper on a quilling paper that is a solid roll technique and loose roll technique. To try to practice using this technique, you need to prepare Quilling Paper, Quilling Pen and paper glue only.

1. Solid Reel Technique

Creating a solid Paper Quilling reel

-Prepare a paper and slip it on the quilling tip of the
pen.-Start rolling at one end of the quilling paper.
-Keep rolling up to the ends of the paper by holding it down to keep it so
lid.-Give glue and tape the tip of the paper, and make the reels Solid

2. Loose Roll Technique

Making Paper Quilling Loose rolls

-Prepare a paper and slip it on the quilling tip of t
he pen.-Start rolling at one end of the quilling pa
per.-Keep rolling up to the tip of the
paper.-Do not hold the paper while rolling, just remove it and let the roll Self.-give the glu
e and tape the tip of the paper that has been loosened earlier, and creates a loose roll.

Out of these 2 techniques, you can learn to create some basic scrolls like the following:

Try creating one by one of the shapes. Once you’re used to it, you can try to get more complicated shapes. The above are only theoretical and basic techniques. For better results, depending on your skills and creativity. So keep trying and keep practicing to make new shapes every day.

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