Crafts from Flanel

Crafts from Flanel

Crafts from Flanel. flannel cloth or felt is a type of cloth made of wool fiber without woven, made by heating process and evaporation so that it produces fabric with various textures and types (Wikipedia). Today, the handicrafts of flannel is one of the many most popular handicrafts among young people. Besides the basic ingredients of soft texture, flannel fabric also has another uniqueness that is different color. Flannel fabric is also easy to be molded in such a way to become a variety of unique and interesting handicrafts. Here are examples of the crafts from flannel that can be your inspiration in the work:

Crafts from Flanel

1. Flannel Bag

Hand crafted bag from Flanel

The first handicrafts that can be made using flannel is the bag. Making bags with flannel base material is quite easy and can be mass produced. Usually the bag craftsmen make a picture on the front of the bag to beautify the bag. The image depends on the creation.

2. Pouch HP

Handcrafts Pouch HP from Flanel

The second hand crafts are Pouch HP. This HP Pouch can be used to make it easier to put our HP. Moreover another function of this HP pouch is to protect our HP from dust or friction on our pants pockets or bags. Making the HP pouch from flannel is quite easy when compared to the bag, because of its relatively small size.

3. Wallet

Crafts from Flanel-wallets

The third hand crafts are flannel wallets. This wallet may be better suited for girls because of their funny shape.  But for the guys it does not hurt to also make a wallet from flannel to be given to her lover. Making this wallet is almost high school with the HP pouch. Just in the wallet can be added some space in it to store a variety of objects.

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For those of you who are interested to learn more flannel crafts, look forward to the next tutorial about making crafts tutorials from flannel. Only on Mariministi Blog.

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