Crafts from straws

Crafts from straw

Crafts from straws. according to Wikipedia, “straws is a tube that is meant to transfer drinks from the container to the mouth of the drinker, with the application of sucking power”. It’s a bit strange if it’s officially interpreted. But at least we all know about a straw, even maybe every day we use a straw. Good for drinking or for anything else. But once we use a straw, we will throw it away. As if a straw has no meaning anymore (Puitis banget hehe).

One thing that you must know, any object has its own functions and usability. But that does not mean the objects we have used that we can not use for anything else. For example a straw, a straw can also be used for anything else even after we use it for a drink. The main function of a straw is to drink, but we can also use a straw to create a unique handmade craft. Here are some examples of handmade crafts that can be made using a straw base material:

Crafts from straws

1. Bag

Hand-rolled crafts from straws

Bag like the picture above we can make by using a straw base material. Bag is one of the examples of straw handicrafts that have many benefits. In addition to reducing the amount of garbage, straw can be converted into products of economic value. Making bags from a straw is not easy. It takes several steps that need to be done like arranging a straw, creating the base, then sewing it into a bag.

2. Flowers

Hand-foil from straw

Flowers are also one example of objects that can be made using the basic ingredients of straw. Apart from bottles or plastic containers, a beautiful flower can also be made using a rather large straw. Making flowers from a straw is not as difficult as making a bag, but we must be thorough in making it. The combination of color and shape of the parts of the straw also affects the beauty of the flowers produced.

3. Tablecloths

Hand-rolled crafts from straws

Tablecloths can also be made using a straw. The cloth is made by combining various kinds of straw with different colors. We give a pattern/image on the cloth we made by adjusting the position of the straw with the right color.

4. Key

Keychains-hand foil from straw

Straw can also be served as a unique key chain. Various forms of key chains we can make with our creativity. If you want a strong key chain, we can make it with some straw that is put together with glue. We can also create key chains with 3D shapes with a straw.

5. Necklace

Hand necklace from Straw

One of the interesting works we can make with a straw is a necklace. This necklace only takes a little part of the straw. We can decorate it with another knacks. Although this necklace is made of straw, but not less beautiful with necklace made of gold. If we do not have the money to buy a gold necklace that is somewhat expensive, we can make a necklace of our own works.

Those are some of the handicrafts from the straw that we can make. There are many other handmade crafts that can be made with a straw depending on our creativity. We can make a good work if we can use the stuff around us even though it’s the stuff we think is useless though.

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We believe that Indonesians have the creativity to create quality work.

Keep learning, continue to work and always synergize.

Marikarya, it’s our work

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