Crafts from Ice Cream Sticks

10 handmade crafts from a Thumbnail ice cream stick

Crafts from ice cream sticks. who love to eat ice cream, or even everyday always eat ice cream. After eating do not get used to discard the stout. Tau Ndak If the ice cream sticks can be used to make crafts unique and good. You can make handicrafts even from a single ice cream stick. If you have a good handmade ice cream stick, you can sell it. It’s OK to make money, rather than free disposal. Moreover, if you pursue this handicrafts, you can make a craft business with only the modelled ice cream sticks.

Crafts from Ice Cream Sticks

Just like any other ingredient, handicrafts from ice cream sticks are not only made using ice cream sticks. You need other tools such as scissors, glue, dyes, paper, accessories and other materials needed. A lot of crafts inspiration can be made with the basic ingredients of ice cream sticks. This time he gave some of them. Just go to see below:

1. Accessories Box

Place accessories from

The first handicraft is where the accessories are from the ice cream sticks. If you have a lot of accessories that you are used to, and you need a place to store the accessories, you can make it yourself lho. Only using the basic ingredients of ice cream sticks. For the size of the accessory where you can make it not necessarily the same as in the picture. You can also create shapes that extend to the side or height upwards, depending on your own creativity.

You can use ordinary sticks that have many colors to create the place of the accessory. It’s quite easy, you just have to set up some ice cream sticks. Make a base by pasting some ice cream sticks. Attach the ice cream sticks to the edges of the base to make the parts of the cat. Bend alternately between the ends of the one with its side edges to make it appear there is a cavity like in the image. Don’t forget to make the covers as well.

2. Place Box

Pencil Place from

Handmade crafts from this ice cream stick is suitable for you students or girls who every day should use a pencil to write. It is also suitable for you who have work related to writing. This unique pencil place you can make using the basic ingredients of ice cream sticks. This pencil place you can put on your study table let you add to your passion for learning.

You don’t have to spend money to buy it. KMU can also create your own with an ice cream stick you have. For better results, you can give color to your ice cream sticks. To make it better, use one color for one pencil place. You can also add some ornaments to the paper with a variety of unique shapes in the center of the pencil Place you made.

3. Miniature House

Miniature House from

Want to have a good home, try to realize it first in miniature form. Who knows one moment you can have a real home with the same design as the miniature of the house you create. To create a miniature house like the picture above, you simply prepare a stick of ice cream glue and scissors. Do not be buried in one form of the house. The picture above is just an illustration or an example of one of the house shapes you can make.

4. Photo Frames

Photo Frames

If this is surely many want to make it. There may be some of you who first time elementary or junior high school once given a duty to make a kingdom and you make a photo frame. Either using the basic ingredients or not ice cream sticks. This photo Frame is one of the hand crafts of ice cream sticks that are easy to make. Just stick to the stick and form a square can already be called a photo frame. That said, it’s just a regular photo frame, it takes creativity and a good idea to make your photo frames unique and different. One example, you can create a photo frame like the one in the image above.

5. Glass Tray

Glass Tray from

Taukah you, simple handicrafts are handicrafts from the ice cream sticks are very useful lho. If you come across places like cafes or other unique hangout places, you can see something different. You will be presented with a drink with a unique tray as in the picture above. As it turns out, a glass tray like that was made using only an ice-cream stick.

If you want to have one or make it, you don’t need to look for a café that provides a glass tray. You can also make your own. Caraya is also quite easy, just stick some ordinary ice cream sticks. Then draw a shape and color your glass tray with the color you like. Well so Deh. No need to bother and need a lot of material.

6. Wall lamp Decoration

Lamp deskoration from

Wall lamp Decoration is the one you can make using the basic ingredients of ice cream sticks. This can be put in one room in your house. You can decorate your usual ordinary lamps to be a unique lamp dangna a unusual flame. You can also put this light in your bedroom and make it a sleeping light.

The way to make it easy is to just paste some ice cream sticks arranged as seen in the image. Then the inside is given a regular lamp. Once so you can paste it on the wall or on your table room.

7. Miniature Chair

Miniature chair from

One more miniature that can be made using ice cream sticks is a miniature chair and table. If you want to create a simple miniature like the one in the picture, you only need a few ice cream sticks. But if you want to make the size bigger, you need a lot of ice cream sticks. How to make a miniature chair is very easy. You just cut some of the ice cream sticks and stick them to the other espresso sticks. Color it with paint or color markers to make it look beautiful.

8. Wall Clock

Handmade crafts of ice cream sticks-wall clocks

This one of these ice cream sticks is perfect for you who don’t have a wall clock in your house and want a unique wall clock. This wall clock uses a base material that has been unused escreams. The shape is also not very complicated. Just stick to some ice cream sticks and make it four parts. Then 4 parts were merged and spaced to be slightly looped in the middle. Next put the clock in the 4 parts are put together and give numbers as needed.

9. Flowers

Interest from

Flowers like the picture above are handmade crafts from the simplest ice cream sticks. You only need one ice cream stick for one flower. Just stick some flannel paper that has been formed in such a way to the stick tip. You can also use buttons in the middle of the flower to look like a flower in general.

10. Pencapit


This last ice cream stick Craft is the most unique and useful craft. Pencapit is a tool that can be used to trap or hold objects that are somewhat distant from us. The pencapit in the picture above was made with the base material of the ice cream sticks Lho. It’s pretty easy. You just have to combine several ice cream sticks forming the x by hollow out the edges and the middle. After that stay you unite with an umbrella nail or another object that allows two ice cream sticks to blend, but still be moved.

That’s 10 crafts from ice cream sticks you can make. Actually, there are many more handicrafts from other ice cream sticks.
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