Miniature Craft Menara Kudus Translucent Market

Miniature Craft Menara Kudus Translucent Market

Miniature Craft Menara Kudus Translucent Market

Although it is made conventionally with local raw materials, but miniature craft market share can be penetrate the share of foreign market. Like the Holy Tower Crafts produced by craftsmen who are in Bacin village, Bae Kudus District. Primarily a neighboring country, although the percentage is still small.

Craftsmen and pioneers of the Holy Tower craftsmen, Hariyanto used raw materials from Bacin Village, Bae Kudus Sub-district. Harianto explained that there is really nothing special about the marketing of the products produced and the pattern is still the same, namely word of mouth. It’s just that incidentally there are some souvenir merchants who come and then get orders from neighboring countries namely Malaysia. The order is also quite a lot of numbers. This is adapted by other buyers who also come from abroad.

The party itself is also not ambitious to produce in bulk, only the coincidence of demand is still dominated in the local region of Kudus. It made the focus on the demand and did not have time to make a miniature production of the Holy Tower. Stock products are also quickly exhausted because when the goods are already so many souvenir traders buy it, he explained. The price of this craft is pegged from Rp 20,000 per fruit up to Rp 100 thousand per piece.

Hariyanto also tried producing the miniature of the Holy Tower with acrylic for variations in place

(Ruli Aditio/CN34/SM Network)



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